Saturday, July 12, 2014


Remember the football bet between our reader Simon, Kaelah and me? Now that the Netherlands were defeated in the semifinal of the World Cup, I am the first among the three of us who knows his final tally: 43 strokes with our rubber flogger. Kaelah's final tally of hand smacks will depend on whether Germany becomes the champion on Sunday, and since Simon (who bet on the Netherlands like me) put some additional stipulations into his wager in case Germany wins the whole thing, he too will have to wait until the last match.

And it's a good thing we did not bet on the exact scorelines of the semifinals. No one would have predicted that Germany would thrash Brazil 7:1!

But that is not the topic of today's post. I would like to write about an element of spanking / CP play which probably all of us know and appreciate: anticipation. As Simon pointed out, one of the drawbacks of our football bet is that "it will be a long time before we know the result" (three weeks between the deadline for submissions and the final match). Maybe that was one reason why no more of our readers were interested. For me, however, the extended time between making the bet and knowing the outcome was an asset. Because, as a matter of fact, things were happening with each match. I found it exciting to watch the number of strokes rise slowly but steadily as our predictions turned out to be sometimes true, oftentimes false. It was a beautiful example of anticipation in kinky play.

Anticipation frequently features in spanking / CP roleplay. We have all read stories or watched videos where the schoolgirl (or schoolboy) is made to wait in front of the headmaster's office ahead of a sound caning. When Kaelah and I played for the first time, we did not do a full-fledged roleplay, but a rather vague master / student initiation scenario. There, too, I made her wait for a little while in front of our "ritual chamber", and later I made her kneel in front of a mirror immediately before the spanking session. Later when we began to switch and Kaelah topped me, she returned the favour once, making me wait and then calling me into the room with our singing bowl. There are all kinds of small ritualised actions that can heighten the sense of anticipation: choosing and fetching the implement(s), the removal of clothing, the arranging of the chair, table or whipping bench over which the spankee is going to bend, and so on.

One form of anticipation I find particularly interesting is the one you get on a blog when you involve the readers. When Niki Flynn and I were planning the F/M scene back in 2008 that came to be known as Ludwig's Comeuppance, we let the readers vote on how many cane strokes I should get. In one way, it might have been a pointless exercise, because predictably, most people voted for the highest number of strokes. But I still found the banter in the comments section and the underlying group dynamics exciting. Kaelah and I held similar votes for our Love Our Lurkers Day videos, including the last one where you could vote for an M/F segment of the video or an F/M segment and both parts would be filmed (that video, by the way, will be ready for download next week). And then there was the recent betting on the World Cup, which also encouraged reader participation. Maybe there is an exhibitionist part of my kink and that is why I enjoy these "public" buildups to a CP session. But that is a complex and ambiguous issue and one that deserves its own post.

What about you, then? In what way does anticipation figure in your spanking / CP play? Are there any particular steps or actions you take to make things interesting in this regard? Have you come up with anything unusual? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section if you like.


Simon said...

Anticipation is an important part of my CP relationship. Since I live a long way from the lady who administers my punishment I usually make a date two or three days in advance. Those days are spent in an agony of anticipation. I have even been known to work out exactly how many minutes there are until the first stroke will fall.On the train journey the suspense grows until finally after a journey of approximately 3 hours I am there. And then she may make me get undressed and wait again. The excitement is almost more than I can bear.Since he likes to punish me in batches of 20,30,40 or 50 strokes there are other periods of waiting during the punishment and these can vary between a few minutes and half an hour. During these breaks depending on the state of my bottom I am either eagerly awaiting her return or dreading it (sort of).
There have also been occasions when I know that we are going to do something different which I look forward to nervously. Recently I accompanied her to a party where I knew I would be beaten before an audience and I was anticipating that for weeks beforehand.
So for me the anticipation is almost as much fun as the activity itself. To go back to our football bet I am pretty sure how many strokes I am going to end up getting but I am looking forward to tomorrow and confirmation. And then I can anticipate the actual punishment. The bet has certainly added an extra frisson to the World Cup for me and hopefully for the two of you.

Gustofur said...

Congratulations on Germany's victory.

Kaelah said...

I very much enjoy the anticipation as well. When I play out spanking scenes in my head, the build-up is almost more important than the spanking itself. In my own play it depends on the mood. Sometimes I love to plan scenes in advance and to indulge in the anticipation, sometimes I enjoy spontaneous straightforward scenes very much as well.

@ Simon:
I am happy to hear that the bet added an extra frisson to the World Cup for you! It did the same for Ludwig and me. :-)

@ Gustofur:
Thank you very much! We had a great party time here in Germany.