Monday, October 28, 2013


Wow, twenty-eight days or exactly four weeks. This has been the longest posting hiatus in the history of Rohrstock-Palast. The previous post was thirteen days in the making, between September 17th and 30th, and in the years before that, I don't think we ever had a break of more than eleven days - I am too hard-pressed for time to look it up, but I believe it was eleven, or thereabouts. Have you forgotten all about us yet? You haven't? Good.

It was nice to take an extended hiatus. I feel somewhat refreshed now. Kaelah and I are still busy with various things, and kink is still not the foremost thing on our minds these days. We can't promise that we will return to our once meticulous one post every four days schedule anytime soon. But we should definitely be able to post more than we did this month. Five posts per month would be nice, and should be realistic.

One idea I have had to try and make a virtue out of necessity is encouraging more reader contribution. Having a series of discussions about topics around spanking and BDSM is something I have been wanting to do for some time, anyway. In the coming weeks, I plan to try that out. I will post a question or a topic of discussion and ask you to write down your opinion about it. I will also give you my personal standpoint, obviously, but only afterwards so as to not prejudice you during the discussion.

In the meantime, though, and since I did not want this to be just a boring, self-evident "We're back!" post, I leave you with a picture I found on another blog recently. It is courtesy of Girls Boarding School and shows the lovely Amelia-Jane Rutherford in her one and only shoot with that classic site (probably my favourite GBS scene among their hundreds and hundreds of scenes).

I am not usually into "relentless genitalia" pictures, to borrow an expression I once heard from a spanking model friend. But I am looking past that here, or rather, I am looking elsewhere. What I like about the picture is the super-elegant pose on tiptoes. It is a pose we have seen a thousand times before in similar scenes, but there are few women in the world who can make it look as spectacularly graceful as Amelia-Jane. It helps to be tall and lanky, I guess - I once met Amelia-Jane a couple of years ago, playing her boyfriend in a shoot with German petgirl site SM-Circus, and even though I am a six footer, she still towers above me.

Regard this as a companion piece to my The Perfect Arch post from 2009, have a nice day, and write a mini-essay about your favourite corporal punishment poses in the comments section if you feel like it.

(Picture courtesy of Girls Boarding School)


Our Bottoms Burn said...

My fav pose is always bent over, as the picture depicts. On tip-toe is nice, but not required. That pose, for me, shows off the female form quite well. I could do without the exposure shown, but it's there in real life, so I can not object to it pictures.

Perhaps what I like best about the pose, it that the women can arch her back and push her bottom out to accept the paddle. While she may recoil from a stroke, when I see her get back into position, it shows me that she is enjoying it as much as I am.

Ramon Herzog said...

I like that position and pose very much, too. Amelia cannot fail to look good, she always does.

Looking at the strenuous pose, I remembered many such pictures with the models completely bare, but wearing high heels. I guess that makes it much easier to arch and will present any model's bottom just right.

Kaelah said...

Very elegant indeed! Well, isn't Amelia always elegant? There are many beautiful pictures showing her in elegant poses which I like very much.

I am looking forward to your series of discussions about topics around spanking and BDSM.

My favourite CP poses? Well, the two favourite poses in my fantasies are bent over a table or maybe cannon (usually fully clothed or just with the panties down, though) or standing with the hands tied above the head for back floggings (then usually with the shirt off). Sometimes I also enjoy thinking of OTK spankings because I like the (formal) intimacy of that position. More explicit positions only play a role in my more sexual fantasies.

Lea said...

Lovely picture. Standing on tiptoes would require coordination I definitely do not have.