Friday, March 15, 2013


This is the result from the last time Ludwig and I have been together. It's the first time ever that we managed to take a picture in which we both show off marks from our play! As you can see, Ludwig's stripes are still very fresh, whereas mine are already two days old in that picture.

After a long period with stress-related exhaustion and very little play, this was the first time we had a few rather kink-focussed days together. First, we met a kinky friend for a lovely dinner and a long chat. There was no kinky play involved, but we had a great time, nonetheless! Which becomes quite obvious when I tell you that it was long after midnight when we finally decided to part in order to make sure that we would all get at least a few hours of sleep.

The next day, Ludwig and I finally shot our Love Our Lurkers Day clip. Yes, the marks which you can see on my bottom are from a heavy switch. I'll need a bit more time to edit the clip, but it will be published soon. So stay tuned!

Two days later, Ludwig received twenty-five cane strokes from me. That's the fresh marks which you can see in the picture at the top of this post. We filmed that scene for our private fun, but the clip is not going to be published. You will get to see some more pictures together with a more detailed account of that scene in a separate post, though.

(Our two implements happily united.)

Before we parted, we had another smaller, but more intimate scene. We both didn't have the energy for the long, elaborate scene in our master-slave play scenario that we had talked about on the phone before we got together and I didn't manage to remain in the right headspace during the shorter scene that we did, either. As you know, I am normally not submissive, but I can enjoy a bit of dominance in the bedroom when it comes to explicitly sexual scenes. It is not easy for me to stay in that mindset, though, and this time I slightly failed. Fortunately, I managed not to get angry and so my temporary mental struggle didn't ruin the scene.

By the way, hard handspankings over switch marks hurt quite a lot! I have to admit that Ludwig and I are rather careful with further play as long as marks from a previous scene are still visible, though. In my view, it is better to give the marked skin time to heal completely before playing again. I am quite positive, though, that all marks will be gone when Ludwig and I are going to meet the next time. Then the fun can continue!


Julia said...

Sounds like you guys had a good time together, certainly looks that way. I really like the pic.
I have had marks once or twice, but that is okay with me. :)

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Thanks a lot for sharing a very rare type of spanking picture. Our best to you both.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the photo.

I think it is great that you both switch.

For a weekend spanking event, I and my friends play with lots of marks. I find that I heal just fine.


Pandora said...

That photo is my new favourite picture ever. I am so grateful to you for sharing it :)

Would you two ever consider doing a co-bottoming scene?

Donpascual said...

Very nice picture, Kaelah, thank you for having us as witnesses.

I am very curious about the other ones.


Lea said...

I mark easily so am used to being spanked on top of marks, but it's a good idea to approach with caution. A switch is something that really scares me! Hope you both had a good time together.

Fenris said...

You two look absolutely adorable. Really nice, especially as, I assume, you had to use the auto-shoot function of the camera.
By the way, did the switch feel very different compared to a cane?

Kaelah said...

@ Julia:
Yes, we really had a good time, thank you! I don't mind marking, either, quite the contrary. I enjoy having some marks to show off, at least from time to time! ;-)

@ Our Bottoms Burn:
Thought you might enjoy it! Thank you. :-)

@ Joey:
I think it is just important to know one's body and its personal limits well enough, and then marking isn't a problem at all. I sometimes take a bit longer to heal, so I give my skin the time it needs to recover completely before engaging in (more severe) play again.

@ Pandora:
Glad you like the picture! I thought that this might be something for you. I would like to do a co-bottoming scene with Ludwig one day, and I think he would be fine with that as well. The only problem is that we are both so picky when it comes to being topped by others! We would both love to do a co-topping scene as well. The only time we co-topped was in Psychic Weapon C. It would be great to do another co-topping scene in which we do not only execute someone else's orders as we did in Psychic Weapon C but lead the whole scene.

@ Donpascual:
The other pictures and the Love Our Lurkers Day clip will follow in the upcoming weeks! :-)

@ Fenris:
Thank you for your kind compliment! Yes, we had to use the auto-shoot function of the camera and we actually took a whole bunch of pictures to get at least one which we liked! In my opinion switches tend to be even stingier than canes. The one we used was quite thick and heavy, though, so it felt almost like a cane. It also left very similar marks!

@ Lea:
We had a very good time, thank you! Yes, I guess for someone who marks as easily as you do it is almost impossible to avoid being spanked over marks, especially at spanking parties. But it seems to me that your skin heals very well afterwards, so I think there's nothing to worry about. I have a love / hate relationships with switches. I love how they are connected to nature, I love their style and the marks they produce, but I hate that stingy type of pain! That's one reason why I've chosen a rather thick one for the clip. While it was quite heavy and produced a deeper going pain, it was a bit less stingy (at least when applied more forcefully) and it produced quite some marks, so that the viewers will also be able to really see its effect.

Val said...

Once again very grateful thanks for sharing, both the story and visuals. This is an amazing picture, very special. Especially resonating with me, to switch effectively is very rare in my experience. The genuine and open atmosphere of your environment is a special place indeed.

Kaelah said...

@ Val:
Thank you! I am very happy that you like the picture. I think you are right, there are not so many people and even less couples who effectively switch with each other. Many switches seem to have some play partners whom they top and others to whom they bottom. Doing both with the same partner seems to be rare.