Saturday, December 25, 2010

Enter the Dachshund

Hi folks, it's me, Kaelah. Merry Christmas to all those among you who celebrate this day and happy holidays to everyone! I'm flattered to tell you that Santa Ludwig made it just in time [Ludwig: for the Anglosaxon Christmas day at least!] and thus we have a very special and personal present for you, our dear readers. Last year our gifts were my first full nudity photo and the story about our first play. This year's gift makes me even more excited and quite honestly a bit nervous as well. Again it's a first – Ludwig's and my very first spanking clip together!

We already shot the clip about 1 ½ years ago, but didn't manage to edit it, yet. Which isn't that much of a surprise, given how busy we were and that the post-production required at least a full week of work. We had shot more than 4 hours of footage. Without the professional editing software which I bought recently, it would have taken even longer to edit the clip with all the pieced-together conversations, the different camera angles which had to be synchronised, and so on. And of course the result was supposed to be as perfect as possible. During the last couple of days Ludwig worked night shifts in front of my computer and now the post production is finally done. I think he did an amazing job!

All I did was try not to drive him mad with my comments. After all, you can't do all of the editing together, one person has to be in charge for the final composition of the clip. But of course I had remarks and ideas and told Ludwig about them (I wrote something about “trying” not to drive him mad, you see).

At least Ludwig was not as close to insanity as he was when we shot the clip, especially when we re-shot the action scene. Yes, I wrote RE-shot! When we looked at the footage after our first try, Ludwig and I both weren't totally happy with the result. Ludwig wanted to improve the camera angles. I wasn't happy with the perspectives, either, and even more importantly, I wasn't happy with my looks! So we decided to re-shoot the action scene some weeks later, when the marks from our first try had faded.

This time we chose the perspectives even more carefully and setting up the cameras took even longer. I nearly drove Ludwig mad because I wanted a rather unusual close-up bottom perspective filmed from above, which was quite difficult to manage, and Ludwig thought that it might look rather stupid. It's the last bottom camera angle during the spanking. Isn't it cute? At least Ludwig agreed with me about that point afterwards. But what really brought him close to insanity was the fact that I insisted on using a mirror. I pointed out to him that only simple geometry was needed to make one camera catch the desired reflection in the mirror without the second camera being in the picture. Okay, it's not that simple... But frankly, what is a debut video without a mirror?

Oh, before anyone gets that wrong: we had a lot of fun, too. Really! You can see it in the bonus clip which contains some outtakes from the shoot. Insisting on a bloopers video is the thing I drove Ludwig crazy with during the last stages of the post-production process, by the way. So, I hope you'll enjoy the video and the bloopers as well! If you do and if you want to make Ludwig and especially me (since this is my first-ever clip) a very much appreciated Christmas present, please leave a little comment. Of course, constructive criticism is welcome as well!

- Kaelah

And now over to Ludwig for all the technical details...

Hello friends, Ludwig here. Merry Christmas from me the agnostic as well, and I hope that you like our gift. It certainly was a lot of work. Personally, I think it is my best free video yet in terms of overall composition and editing.

Inside the .zip package, you will find the main video, a smaller blooper video, and subtitle (.srt) files for each. Most common media players should be able to play .srt subtitles, there are guides on the web for this. I strongly recommend that you use VLC Media Player, because it is one of the best free players, anyway, and because it should display the subtitles without any additional tinkering. Just make sure that the .wmv video file and the .srt subtitle file of the same name are in the same folder, use VLC Player to watch the video, and the subtitles should show up.

If an unexpected number of people have problems with this, I will make a video where the subtitles are simply rendered into the picture (as in The German Lesson). But for now, I wanted to give you separate files so that you can enable / disable them. That is what I would prefer as a viewer. The subtitles are necessary because, obviously, almost all of the conversation in the video is in German. Kaelah's English is very good, too, so in theory, we could have done the whole thing in English. But because this is a clip that just shows us as ourselves, as a couple, we decided to do it in German. It is more natural and unforced. Sorry if it inconveniences the foreign cinema haters among you, but... It's your own fault if you are such cultural philistines!

I suspect that many regular Spanking Tube viewers would not like the video, anyway. It is 26 minutes long and roughly the first half consists of an extended interview / a tea ceremony with Kaelah and myself. But viewers with an attention span of less than two minutes, like the poor guy who left this comment, can simply fast-forward to the action-filled second half. Those of you with an interest in us as people, however, will hopefully enjoy the talky parts as well. The tea ceremony is, of course, a reminiscence of Kaelah's and my first ever play together, as are many elements in this first video of ours. So it offers a look into some very personal history.

Kaelah's Introduction is dedicated to the online spanking community, without which this story would not have happened. Thank you for watching, and happy holidays.

WMV format, resolution 720 x 576, 364 MB: link

(Click on "Free Download", wait for the counter to count down, then solve the captcha and download the file.)


Redhead said...

Wonderful to see the care you invested in the whole sequence. Well done. Interesting to see how the inner sides of K's cheeks display delightful marks.


Ludwig said...

@ Redhead: I placed a number of my hand smacks right "in the middle", hitting both bottom cheeks at the same time (Kaelah hates that!). I think the resulting marks aren't even caused by my hand directly, but by the cheeks being smacked together by the force of the blow.

Redhead said...

Yes, I see what you mean. I suppose to avoid displacement and to generate sensation more efficiently you could try to spank K with her bottom cheeks tightly clad in something thin and taught which hindered the muscle tissue displacing your strokes and allowed more of your energy to be effectively converted into pain. I think you come from the land where „Die Hosenboden strammziehen!“ [Pull your trousers up tightly!] was synonymous with precisely that intention, which is also underlined by piquant references to „whipping drawers“ in spanking literature. It would take some planning, but it might be worth analysing comparison bench-tests, with and without drawers. But my favourite part of your whole film are your both your lines at the end about drinking tea and then being persuaded to do something completely different.

Lovely piece and worth all you post-production effort.


Kaelah said...

@ Redhead:

Being handspanked by Ludwig already hurts enough, no whipping drawers necessary, thanks! ;-)

Joking aside, Ludwig and I found out recently that one should be careful with those blows right in the middle. Even if the smacks are on the lower part of the bottom they seem to push the skin against the tailbone when applied with great force, which explains the marks. I used the technique on Ludwig when we switched for my training and he suddenly said: "Oh, you should be careful there." I told him that this was why I hated those kinds of strokes, I always had the feeling that he was hitting something hard. But I didn't know that it was my backbone and Ludwig couldn't know that, either, because the smacks were so low that one wouldn't expect them to push the upper inner sides of the bottom against the tailbone...

I'm glad you like the video! We did the conversation without any script, so some of the comments came up spontaneously. But we filmed the different parts several times in order to have more than one version to choose from.

Ludwig said...

@ Redhead: Yes, as Kaelah pointed out, I don't do these "smacks in the middle" anymore, because they (at least sometimes) seem to put pressure on the tailbone. I think the probability of actual injury is low, but it is still better not to do it.

As for allowing "more of your energy to be effectively converted into pain", the spanking in our first video was not about that, anyway. As hand spankings go, it was pretty hard and painful because Kaelah wanted to show the viewers some proper action. But overall, severity was not our primary concern.

! said...

Great video. Understood the whole thing, no subtitles, woohoo!

...and I must agree with Redhead. Wonderful marks!

! said...

Oh on another side note...Ludwig, would it be possible to get a German subtitle file for this video also?

Ludwig said...

@ !: No, I am certainly not doing any German subtitles for the video. You will have to make do without that resource in your studies.

Sorry, but I simply don't have the time for this. Doing the English subtitles took me about six hours. The translation itself went quickly enough, but setting up exactly the right start and end points in the timeline, and getting the best possible "flow" for the viewers to read - that was something I tinkered around with for a long time. Also, I had to shorten the translations to a length that was readable, leaving out some of the filler words and filler phrases from the spoken German, without distorting any of the meaning. If I wrote down every German word we spoke, it would probably be twenty percent more text than the English version.

! said...

@ Ludwig: Fair enough. It was worth a shot at asking anyway though =P Thanks for putting the time and effort into making a great video!

Anonymous said...

Dear Both,

Lovely to see a real play time where you are obviously so together.

As it happens my own best beloved also hates it "in the middle". Says it seems so much more "naughty girl" than our play.

Now I have an idea why she may get sore despite it only beng a relatively mild session.

Thanks for that!


frants said...

I click the Rapidshare links but dont find any 'dowload file' button...

Ludwig said...

@ frants: Click on the "Slow Transfer" button at the bottom of the "User with a free account" section of the page. A timer will count down, and once it has, you can click on "Download now" and get the file.

Redhead said...

I wrote that so quickly, I was about to leave. I was/am just so impressed with what you were able to produce. I was trying to express the ideas of effectiveness and efficiency, not ‘severity’ – i.e. for a given effort being more effective. I should have added that you can produce the same amount of sting with less effort – thus giving yourself a greater range while at the same time reducing the risk of inadvertent/non-intended trauma. The same holds true for using a denser implement. But it’s a super piece you’ll treasure as your wander your pathways through your fantasies.

She wrote about it, but once, when at a fetish party after I had single-tailed her back, a mutual friend (wink) and no novice told me the caning I gave her over her latex hot pants felt really hard. Actually, because I was ‘on stage’ I was trying to be super careful to be accurate, I knew I wasn’t hitting her as hard as when we played privately. We were all in the excitement of the evening, so the only things to which I could really only ascribe the apparent additional discomfort she described, were those drum-tight shorts!

On another occasion, Chopper gave me a new cane to try out and I did, over my partner’s tight jeans. She has a muscled butt, but in my hand the cane felt like I was hitting a stone, and my partner‘s reactions were remarkable. After the fourth stroke, (and I really wasn’t winding up), the cane shattered in two places.

Perhaps whipping drawers really were originally a device of false modesty, but in terms of energy transfer, preventing muscle and tissue from ‘stealing’ the kinetic energy of the stroke means that more of the stroke’s energy must be converted into deformation energy and thus sensation.

But hey, this was a first and wonderful initiation, with the lovely candles, tea and all. It was an occasion deserving of a ceremony of some kind and you did it proud, and you should be too!


Zille Defeu said...

Both Mr Defeu and I wish to complain about the severe lack of Dachshunds in this post! ;)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your video very much. My thanks to you for making it, and making it available. And that Kaelah is a sweetie and very videogenic. Love to you both,

Ursus Lewis said...

Very nice! Love it. I think it was a good idea filming in German. There could be more German spanking videos out there anyway.

The dialog is sometimes hard to understand. I assume filming without microphone or only the camera microphone causes these problems.

Anyway great job you two.

Alles Gute im neuen Jahr!

Ursus Lewis said...

oh I forgot..... The high resolution files don't work. at least not for me...

Ludwig said...

@ Redhead: Thanks for the anecdotes, and I am glad you like the video.

@ Zille: Why, Kaelah is the dachshund, of course! It is a nickname I have publicly used for her on at least two occasions. Privately, I use it all the time.

If you do get around to watching the video, let us know how you like it. Critiques from fellow perverted pornographers are always welcome.

@ Lictor: Thank you.

@ Ursus: If the low quality version works for you, as it apparently does, then there is no reason why the high quality version should not work, too.

You do realise that you have to download *both* files of the HQ version, part 1 and part 2, before you can extract the files from the .rar package and watch the video?

Anonymous said...

Using VLC there was a little out of sync. between sound and vision.

OK with Gom player -

Who's a lucky boy?


Zille Defeu said...

Kaelah may be as adorable as the noble dachshund, but does not look very much like one! Therefore, I think our complaint about the lack of actual dachshunds does hold water. There should at least be a picture of a dachshund, if the word is in the title! [teasing grin]

We haven't been much online these past couple weeks (holidays being what they are!) but we do intend on giving your video a proper viewing when we get a chance -- with undoubtedly appreciative critique then following. :)

Stan/E. said...

Thank you so much for one of the most impressive spanking lover scene I've ever seen. I took the link on my french blog, be sure they'll love you, my friends...

Kaelah said...

Thank you all for your kind comments! I'm glad that you liked the clip.

@ !:
Unfortunately adding subtitles is a lot of work, but maybe we'll manage to watch the video together next year and to go through the vocabularies you don't understand?! :-)

@ Vince:
Many thanks for your first comment here on this blog! I haven't experienced the sync problem with the VLC player, but I'm glad you found a solution that worked for you.

@ frants:
Nice to see you back! I hope you've been able to solve the problem with the download? I've posted a more detailed instruction manual here.

@ Redhead:
The idea of being able to have a more intense session without causing too much damage is indeed a good one. Since Ludwig and I don't play hard that often which means that some marking is okay on those rare occasions and since especially Ludwig has a strong preference for bare bottom spankings, we will most probably not use any punishment drawers, though. But for those who want to play very regularly it seems like an interesting option!

@ Zille:
I'm not only a dachshund because of my looks (especially the short legs ;-) ), but because of my dachshund character traits and behaviour. I'm stubborn, loyal, a bit grumpy at times, suffering from a mild Napoleon complex and, most importantly, I signalise approval and especially disapproval by using dachshund sounds... ;-) Ludwig is a tomcat which makes our communication a bit difficult sometimes. Would you really have loved to see a dachshund in our video? That might have been illegal, at least in Germany, you know? ;-) Joking aside, here is a very sweet dachshund video that Ludwig and I discovered yesterday.

@ Lictor:
Thanks a lot for your first comment here on the Rohrstockpalast and for your kind compliments!

@ Ursus:
The main reason for the bad sound is the reverberation in the room where we filmed the clip. But I hope it's okay in combination with the subtitles. Have you been able to watch the high quality version as well by now? Otherwise my step by step instruction manual might help you to solve the problem...

@ Stan/E.:
Thank you so much for having written a post about our clip and for having chosen our blog as your first „Blog of the Month“! Unfortunately I didn't learn any French at school, but as far as I understood your post you seemed to be a bit frustrated about my very controlled reactions during the spanking. Since this was our first video and since my mate Ludwig and I are both into rather restrained reactions, I decided to react to the spanking in the way I felt most comfortable with and not to make up any stronger reactions. But I'm sure you'll see more vivid reactions from me in our future clips to come, more lively facial expressions, more hissing through gritted teeth and some wriggeling. I don't feel comfortable with very vocal reactions (especially not in front of a camera), so you'll most probably not going to see that from me. But I hope you'll like our future clips nonetheless! :-)

Kaelah said...

Technical problems? For anyone who has problems downloading our clip: You find a more detailed "How to..." manual here!

Stan/E. said...

Thanks a lot for your explanations, Kaelah. Even if you didn't learn french, you perfectly understood the meaning of my comments. Maybe an altavista translator ?

I'll follow the next movies, be sure. I saw you worked a lot on the post production, it's very interesting.

You are "blog of the months" for all january, but I discover you last year, walking nude on the snow !

I even wrote a post on this particular occasion.

Keep on the good job. Many kisses from Paris, France.

Ursus Lewis said...

Hmm, I might have been overworked. Anyway disregard my comments about not working links...

D said...

Wonderful video; very sensual. Thank you.

Kaelah said...

@ Ursus:
I'm glad that the links work! :-)

@ D:
Welcome to the Rohrstockpalast and thank you very much for your kind comment!

Indy said...

I've just now returned home from the holidays, allowing me the privacy to figure out how to download the video and then to watch it without risking the shock to my grandmother, with whom I was sharing a room!

In short, I loved it! To me, it had the feeling of public play with a small group of friends observing-- exactly what I enjoy about spanking parties. I know that's not at all within Kaelah's comfort zone, but that's a large part of the reason I loved the clip so much. It also reminded me very pleasantly of sitting around the table with both of you in a London Chinese restaurant.

Happy New Year to you both, and may 2011 bring you much love and happiness!

Kaelah said...

@ Indy:
Thank you, I'm very happy that you enjoyed the clip! :-) And I actually like the picture you described! I guess making video clips is the "playing in front of others" version for control freaks! ;-) I like the idea of friends like you watching and enjoying the clip very much. Maybe I'll be comfortable with playing live in front of others as well one day. The idea definitely has a certain charm. And I think playing in front of others would be much easier than playing with others. Well, we'll see...

Stan/E. said...

If you need a french witness, I'll be the one... I received a lot of mails loving your little movie, since I "blogyouofthemonth" and many questions I'll transalte, one of those days...


Andrew said...

Great video, thank you very much.

Andrew said...

I looked again the video (this time listening also to the first part) and I enjoyed very much learning about your story. You are very sweet! Best wishes.

Kaelah said...

@ Stan/E.:
Wow, it's great that you got so many responses on the clip and your post about our blog. Of course I'm very curious to hear what your readers think about it. If they like, they can write me in French as well. As I already wrote on your blog, the google translator works quite well. And I can also ask Ludwig for some help. I just would have to write my answer in English because translating into a foreign language doesn't work as well as translating from a foreign language. But I guess French writers whose English language skills aren't that good could also use an online translator in order to understand my answers in English.

@ Andrew:
Welcome and thank you very much for your kind comments! I'm happy that you took the time to watch the whole clip. Please feel free to join in the discussions here on the Rohrstock-Palast any time you like!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful video! Though I don’t speak German, the “chemistry” between the two of you is readily apparent and a joy to watch! Your shared sense of hummer makes you a cute couple. Kaelah’s lovely bottom colors up very nicely and the viewing sequence at the end is much appreciated. I assume you had to stop and re-position the camera frequently, though the editing appears seamless and the scene fluid – Well done! – Eric

Ludwig said...

@ Vince: I have no idea why you were experiencing sync problems with VLC player - it really shouldn't happen. But since you found another player that works for you, great.

@ Stan/E.: Merci beaucoup for mentioning our clip so prominently on your blog and making us blog of the month. We are honoured. I am trying to scrape together what remains of the French I once learned so that I can post a few comments.

@ Indy: I was wondering when you would show up. Glad you liked the video.

@ Eric: The spanking action was filmed with two cameras and in three segments. We re-positioned both cameras for each segment, I think it is quite obvious where the cuts were. Then I edited it together like one seamless spanking.

And to everyone else as well, thank you for your comments and your appreciation.

Kaelah said...

@ Eric:
Thank you! :-)

Anonymous said...

Where can your videos be bought or downloaded

Ludwig said...

@ Anonymous: We don't sell any videos. They are all free.

The videos are hosted on a free filehoster. You get there through the links given in the posts - right up there, for instance, where it says " link", for the Kaelah's Introduction video.

On the page, click on "Free Download", wait for the counter to count down, then solve the captcha and download the file.