Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hostel III: Preparing for the Mood

(This is the third part of my behind-the-scenes report on Mood Pictures. The first two parts were The Hungarian Hostel and Hostel II: The Revelations of Guard #3.)

(Download the HQ version of the "Inmates - Part 1" trailer here)

The first part of my spanking film with Mood Pictures is out, titled "Inmates". It will introduce you to Harastopol State Prison, Eastern Europe, where corporal punishment is still used to this day. You can get the movie on DVD or as a HQ download. As it turns out, I'm not Guard #3 after all - the credits list me as "Guard #1" and "special guest star", ahead of Lady Jessica Lee. Not bad, huh? However, I don't have a lot of screen time in this one. I am in a couple of shots, taking a new prisoner's fingerprints and such, but you will have to wait a little longer to really see me in action - both of the thrashings I administered will be in "Inmates - Part 2", which will come out in the second half of March.

In the meantime, I can at least begin to tell you what it was like to swing the cane for Mood. I've decided that there will be a fourth part of my report after this one - I'm expanding the originally planned trilogy to a tetralogy. This way, I'll have something to accompany the release of the second video, and there is still so much to write about, anyway - easily enough material for two more (hopefully interesting) posts.

Part one dealt with the prehistory and part two with the filming of the non-action scenes, so this and the final segment will focus on the CP action. It was, of course, the climax of the shoot. Especially for me - since I didn't do any acting worth the name, the caning was my only real task as a top, and I wanted to do it well. Actually, it was inspirational to focus on nothing but this one activity. I approached it like a Zen ritual. Needless to say, I was greatly looking forward to the wicked sadistic fun of it. But I also relished the challenge to my technical skills.

It was a question I had often wondered about: could I dish out a thrashing at this extreme level of severity, and do it accurately? Some of the Mood or Lupus Pictures tops hit insanely hard, but their accuracy is shaky. I wanted to have both. My role models were caners like Pavel Stastny from the Headmaster's Study series, who is not only very severe, but also on target - and he looks elegant while he's doing it, which constitutes the third important ingredient. Could I do all of that? I hadn't even administered such a hard beating yet. I had done some pretty vicious stuff with Josephine, who loves strict, painful discipline, but never quite on this level. And not in front of a camera.

So I practised more than ever in the weeks before the shoot. I put a pillow over the back of a chair and beat the living daylights out of it for a solid hour at a time, hundreds of strokes, until my right shoulder was numb and my hand had blisters just from holding the cane. My dummy has a striped pillowcase, and three stripes together are roughly the height of an average girl's bottom from the tailbone to the lower end. You can practise aiming high, central and low. Or, if you really want to test your accuracy, you can try hitting the edges between the stripes.

When I started out as a top, I hadn't done any proper exercise, only toyed around a bit with a cane. It was alright at the time because I was careful and didn't hit very hard. But I still find it difficult to watch old videos like The German Lesson with Niki Flynn today, where my technique was utter crap (Niki insists it was okay, but she is far too nice to be trustworthy as a critic). I only got serious about caning skill later, when I realised that it took a lot more than simply watching spanking films. I practised while holding a book under my arm to focus on the elbow movement and the wrist flick that gives the cane its unique bite. It was the first in a line of "Aha!" moments.

Later, I started using my shoulder as well - if I wanted to measure myself against the true champions of severity like Headmaster Stastny, I would of course have to do full arm strokes like they do. The physical force is awesome - shoulder, elbow, wrist, all adding up. I destroyed a whole bunch of canes, and several pillows, too. The accuracy, on the other hand, was pitiful at first. But it improved rapidly when I stopped trying to imitate Pavel's posture and discovered a different one that came more naturally to me - left foot forward, striking at a low angle, really leaning into the strokes. I felt like I was finally beginning to find my style. More practice followed. By the time I boarded the train to Budapest, I was confident that I could do the job.

But you never really know until you try it on a living target. That was the challenge. There were other things I didn't know, such as what position the victim would be in. Mood Pictures use a wide variety of restraining devices. I only hoped that it wouldn't be the "diaper" position, with the legs up - some kinky people love it, but it does nothing for me, I just don't find it erotic or visually exciting at all. Sure enough, when I chatted with Pablo before the shoot, I found out that the canings were supposed to be in that very arrangement. Ugh... I asked him if the girl could just be tied while bent over in my scene, since I preferred that. Sure, he said, that is possible. But why didn't I like the legs up? "No good reason, to be honest, it's simply a matter of personal taste," I replied apologetically. "Different people like different things..." Pablo looked puzzled: "Okay, but everyone likes the Ferraris and Lamborghinis, no?" Not everyone, I shrugged.

It was agreed that we would use the more classical position I desired. "So, which one of them you want?" asked Pablo. It was clear that he was referring to the models sitting in the entrance room. Wait a minute, I said - do I get to pick the girl myself? "Yes. Which one you want?" I was surprised: "Hm, I haven't really looked at them in any detail yet... I'll tell you in a bit!" I grinned gleefully and walked over to the other room while Pablo roared with laughter behind me.

There they were, the whole dazzling bunch. I leaned in the corner and tried to look casual while typing some nonsense text "message" into my mobile phone. In the meantime, what I really did was observe the girls. Blonde, blonde, dark haired, blonde, dark haired... How do you pick your victim? Interesting question. Even in a shoot like this, where all I knew about them was what they looked like, it wasn't only about eye candy. I also watched how a girl carried herself, how she talked, how she seemed to relate to the others. I was trying to get some vague notion of what she might be like, as a person. The whys and hows are difficult to explain, but I just "liked" some of them more than others. I started making my mental list. I chose not to talk to any of the girls myself. I just wanted to decide as the detached observer (then cane her...).

Damn, what an exciting position to be in. I was teasing myself for enjoying this macho nonsense as much as I did, but it felt undeniably powerful. And it was intriguing, too. I knew how rewarding it is to make a video with a friend and a fellow spankophile, to plan a scene together, to collaborate, to connect. Now I found that picking a random, anonymous "victim" from a lineup had a fascination of its own - altogether different, but perhaps no less compelling. The slave market, the torturer at Hostel, the deranged kidnapper... It was the ultimate "hunting" fantasy come to life. How very interesting. I began to suspect that, in addition to the obvious sadistic fun, the shoot might turn out to be more psychologically memorable than anticipated.

Before I could make a selection, I was called inside to see Max Lomp, the man in charge of directing the tops. Back when I arrived on the set, the first thing he had done was examine all my canes with professional curiosity - he seemed particularly taken with a thick senior dragon cane which I had brought along for laughs, but without intending to use it (not whippy enough for my taste). I was making my first film with Mood, and the two young dommes playing other guards were still in "training mode", as Pedro put it. Therefore, the three of us now got the official walkthrough from Max. One of the models acted as a dummy target with a pillow tied behind her ass while he demonstrated how we were supposed to hit. It was pretty self-evident - not too high, not too low, and not too fast (Mood want approximately 5 seconds between cane strokes). Then he watched us following his example.

I did some full-arm swings and a couple of others using mostly the lower arm and wrist - which is lighter, but more accurate, to "fill in the gaps". I asked Max if it would be okay to use both techniques. He held a pillow behind his back and wanted me to do the wrist flick, to see how much power I could generate. Satisfied that it was hard enough, he said it would be fine. An assistant translated: "It's your technique, and it looks good. He thinks you are, what is it, a-some? Awesome, yes! And you will do it on a real person."

While we were beating the dummy girl, I had thoughtlessly placed one of my rattan canes in the corner of the room. The female translator brought it back to me and said: "What do you call this in English?" That's a "cane", I replied. She nodded: "Okay. Please do not take this... the cane... to the land." Confused, I asked her if she could say that again? "Do not take the cane to the land," she repeated earnestly. After some explanation, it transpired that she meant "don't put it on the floor" - because it was dirty and they didn't want a model getting an infection. The "contaminated" cane was immediately taken out of the pool of useable implements for the shoot. It was one of the little episodes illustrating that Mood Pictures are, in fact, very thorough about safety.

Nelly had been watching the training. She is a young brunette woman with glasses who does the casting for Mood Pictures, and she was also in the film as an extra. But while Nelly wasn't going to get thrashed this time, she is a genuinely kinky girl and asked me for a demonstration stroke over her jeans. Full force, please! Her wish was my command. Nelly screamed and jumped around the room, shrieking something to Pedro in Hungarian. He laughed: "She says you hit very well."

I don't know if it was Nelly or the "dummy girl", but someone must have talked to the other models. Three of them approached me with an assistant named Sarah. They wanted to know who I was going to cane. I admitted that I hadn't decided yet. After the translation, they looked at each other. Sarah whispered: "They are a bit scared of you." Noting my perplexed expression, she continued: "Well, you are very serious-looking... Maybe if you smile a little?" I really had to smile at that, genuinely. I asked her to let the girls know that I'm quite harmless, really. We chatted a bit. They seemed almost convinced, but not fully. Still scared? Sarah nodded: "But it will be good for the scene..."

It was almost too nice a compliment to be true. For an instant, I had the silly idea that the whole thing was a show designed by Pedro and Pablo to make me feel at home. But that was nonsense. The girls really were nervous, and visibly so. Again, I had to tease my inner sadist for feeling so intoxicated by it. I wondered how they would have fared at the sight of Pavel Stastny, with his bald head and piercing eyes. Would they have fled in terror or simply fainted right away? Who knows. They're scared of me... How cute was that!

I was getting apprehensive myself when the time came to film the CP. Gosh, I thought, I hope all the practice pays off. Don't let me screw this up... Victoria Young was the first girl to get it, a single-tail whipping from Max Lomp. The room was crowded by over a dozen people - Pablo and his assistants, the camera operators, the still photographers, the nurse, the makeup assistant, Lady Jessica and the two dommes, Nelly... Except for the other models, everyone was there, either at work or watching with polite glee. The tension was palpable. Had it not been for the crack of the whip and Victoria's monumental wails, you could have heard a pin drop. Max did a fine job. They had to pause and redo Victoria's makeup several times because she was crying so hard.

The whipping was recorded on the "prison cell" set, with Victoria tied to the bars. It was moved forward in the schedule because she had to leave early. We still had to do some non-action scenes afterwards, then all the equipment was moved to the next room where the other beatings would take place. When everything was finally ready, it was past midnight - Pedro told me that they usually got to the canings around 10 PM, but this was a bigger, longer production.

I didn't care, I had far too much adrenalin to feel any tiredness. I remembered the tension on the set when Max had whipped Victoria, in front of some fifteen rapt spectators. The voyeur in me loved it, watching the beating, and watching the others while they watched... Just being in the live audience was awesome. Now I couldn't wait to go under the spotlight myself. With the victim of my choice.

At the same time, I felt a surge of stage fright at the thought that all these eyes would be on me soon...

(Another cliffhanger ending, but this is the last one, I promise - you will read all the rest in the fourth part of my report, when "Inmates - Part 2" is released in late March.)


Anonymous said...

Five in a misnamed trilogy, yes, that's a fine [hitchhiker's] accomplishment to look forward to. Following on a fine path. So long [for now], and thanks for all the insight.

Anonymous said...

Well, you *are* awfully serious, though not actually very scary. :)

I doubt they'd be as scared of Pavel, who is a real goof-ball when the cameras are off.

Unknown said...

Hi Ludwig,
I have read this posting of your trip to Budapest to work with Mood Pictures, and I found it to be an interesting insight to what goes on behind the scenes. I must admit that Mood Pictures and Lupus Pictures, though very well produced, their movies are way too vicious for my liking. I am left wandering about the girls who opt to appear in them. Victoria Young is beautiful; I do hope she was well paid for her work. If the opportunity to free Victoria from behind the walls of Harastopol Prison, Paolo will be there.
Best wishes,

Graham said...

Oy. I got an adrenaline rush just *reading* this... maybe it's cause I now live in Eastern Europe.
Shudder : )

I'm really enjoying this series of posts (though I'm indignant about this extra cliffhanger), and I'm a big fan of your blog in general. I've started my own blog - which links to yours - so please stop by if you ever get the chance! And hey, if ever you find yourself in Eastern Europe again... er, as I reflect on those cane marks I'm reconsidering the wisdom of that statement...

Kami Robertson said...

I love the part when your were choosing the girl :)
'Hunting', eh? LOL

Indy said...

Surely you're not serious, Adele! Of course Ludwig is scary!

Indeed, I'm scared, and we haven't even seen the full arm strokes yet. I think I'll stop making cheeky comments on this blog...

Anonymous said...

You said "I only hoped that it wouldn't be the "diaper" position, with the legs up - some kinky people love it, but it does nothing for me, I just don't find it erotic or visually exciting at all."
And I could not agree more!
Legs-up is not tradtional punishment, it is a fetish invention.
Thank you for convincing them in Mood!
(I would have bribed, scared or charmed Nelly to be caned - - )

Anonymous said...

ty for your experience posting ludwig. maybe you can asnwer me a question: what do mood/elipain models get for a scene (or what do they pay for 50/100 strokes)?

Anonymous said...

This is all so fascinating to read and I'm one of those who is finding a lot of reassurance in their concern about safety and security. Whew!

But yes, you do look awfully serious at times. You may remember me telling you to lighten up. ;-) No wonder the poor girls were terrified.

And the "choose your victim" bit is great! I can't avoid the Hostel references.

Ludwig said...

Val: Well, even though I think my writing is pretty good, I'm afraid it isn't quite as good as Douglas Adams. There will be no more delays, though, I can promise you that - my misnamed trilogy will only have four parts, not five.

Adele: Aww, and there I was, thinking that I'm scary! And, by extension, cool. Just a little bit, perhaps? Ah well, thanks for bringing me back to reality.

I was of course tongue-in-cheek when I wondered how the girls would have fared at the sight of Pavel. I've heard all the stories about what a goof-ball he is off-camera. But he is certainly scary in his videos - he has that look, that presence and the acting ability. Niki wrote how intimidated she was before she met him. In my view, that is a priceless quality for a top to have. I wish I had an ounce of what Pavel has.

Paolo: Mood Pictures and Lupus Pictures are not for everyone. I understand that, and that is fine. It's just a matter of personal taste.

Rest assured, Victoria was very well paid for her work, in this movie and in the others before (otherwise, she probably wouldn't keep coming back).

Graham: Yeah, I was sorry myself for having to leave you with another cliffhanger ending. But while writing part three, I realised how much there was still to tell. I was faced with the choice of posting a 4,000-word-monstrosity, or leaving out a lot of stuff which I considered interesting, or adding a fourth post later on. I chose the last option.

I've visited your blog, and I look forward to reading more from you.

Indy: Thank you for saying I'm scary. But flattery won't make me forget the insolence you have displayed towards me in the past, and one day, you're still going to get what it has earned you.

Frants: Good, I'm not alone with my dislike for the "diaper" position, then. And I thought I was the only boring, pig-headed traditionalist around here!

Nelly is a very nice girl and I loved talking to her, but as a "victim", she isn't quite my type.

Q: I'm not at liberty to disclose figures. I know them, but it was one of the (very few) things Pedro asked me not to write about. I can tell you that they get what I would describe as a very solid amount of money. Not just by Hungarian standards, but by German, UK or US standards as well. Obviously, you get more for 100 strokes than for 50.

Niki, Adele: I suppose you're right. While I'm not really all that serious all the time (as you both know), I often look like that. Maybe I should smile once in a while? I hope my face doesn't crack.

On second thoughts, no. I just remembered my Machiavelli ("The Prince", Chapter XVII):

"Upon this a question arises: whether it be better to be loved than feared or feared than loved? It may be answered that one should wish to be both, but, because it is difficult to unite them in one person, it is much safer to be feared than loved, when, of the two, either must be dispensed with."

Anonymous said...

Hello Ludwig,
As usual great writing and about a major player in the industry. I have followed it for the past week or so and it just gets better. Ecellent subject matter. Ciao

Indy said...

Hmmm, no point in being careful then, is there? Your loss-- it might have been amusing to watch me try to restrain my natural impulses.

As it is, I shall have to do something to earn the promised retribution... Don't worry, you'll be the last to know.

Innocently Yours,

Anonymous said...

1st Ludwig Smile Test (an inmate topic):

The Bathtub Test

During a visit to the mental asylum, a visitor asked the Director "How do you determine whether or not a patient should be institutionalized"

"Well," said the Director, "we fill up a bathtub, then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup and a bucket to the patient and ask him or her to empty the bathtub."

"Oh, I understand," said the visitor. "A sane person would use the bucket because it's bigger than the spoon or the teacup."

"No." said the Director, "A sane person would pull out the bath plug. Do you want a bed near the window?"

No smile? No?

Ludwig said...

Frants: I've heard better jokes, to be honest. But you get a mild laugh.

Actually, I laugh often (for a German, that is!). It's not laughing I find difficult - it's smiling! I think it goes back to childhood and always being told to smile for photographs. I thought to myself: "Who do they think I am, a trained monkey?" (Monkeys can't smile, but that's beside the point - you know what I'm trying to say.) And when I did smile on command, it always looked stupid on the photo.

I came to think that it just isn't my thing and that I just don't have a good-looking natural smile. So I stopped doing it, both on-camera and off-camera. I'm still inhibited about smiling today. Grinning is fine, laughing is fine, it comes naturally to me - but smiling doesm't, and it always feels a bit awkward.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ludwig,

I have to disagree with you concerning the statement that you haven’t got a good-looking natural smile. I just think that it is absolutely natural for someone who isn’t only an INFJ but also a perfectionist to not walk around with a relaxed smile on his face all day long. I’m sure you have a beautiful smile, when you are not ordered by someone to look nice for a photograph but just feel happy and comfortable and don’t think about whether you are smiling or not. And I think that you have a good-looking smile on camera, too – when you are in the right mood or don’t realize that someone is taking a picture… ;-)


Anonymous said...

Outstandingly written stuff, Ludwig. Keep up the good work.
I think we have a true classic on our hands!

By the way, I was born in South Africa and they referred to the 'daiper position' as the 'boarding school position' I met women who claimed to have experienced it in the 60's.

PS: Hi, Hillary from CT- Is there much of a spanking scene in that fair city?


Pandora Blake said...

Wow. Thankyou for this - it's fascinating and very enlightening. I'm on tenterhooks waiting for the next one. And after the horrifyingly inaccurate caning in that trailer, I was extremely gratified to read about your hours of practice!

Shooting until after midnight though, and the canings all saved till last? Aaaaiee. Now that's sadism.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, Ludwig, for this third installment of your adventures in Mood-country. Actually, I wouldn't mind if this series went on for quite some time - including cliff hangers and all. The part where you get to choose the girl was a real brainfu... eh -brainfun. I can imagine the girls singing a few lines from Bob Dylan's "Buckets of Rain" to you:

"I like your smile and your fingertips
I like the way that you move your hips
I like the cool way you look at me
Everything about you is bringing me

And me - I'm just looking forward to reading more of this.

Ludwig said...

Thanks to all of you for your enthusiasm about the report so far. I wanted to capture the experience as well as I possibly could and I put even more time and effort into the writing than usual. It's good to see that it wasn't in vain. I'll make sure that the fourth and last part, the grand finale, is up to the same quality standards.

K'Ehleyr: Yes, smiling does work when I'm feeling nicely relaxed and when I'm not in one of my intense or perfectionist or paranoid moods. But the point is, these moments are pretty rare! I was certainly intense and perfectionist during the movie shoot. But thank you for the compliment.

Greg: That's interesting. As I said, I'm not a fan of the "diaper position" myself, but regardless of such questions of kinky personal taste, I am always grateful for these little tidbits of historical info. I'll make a note of this one.

Pandora: Yes, it was one of Lady Jessica's less-than-stellar days in terms of accuracy. She has better ones, and sometimes, she is quite good, actually. I don't know what it is, it probably all depends on which side of the bed she wakes up on...

Arjuna: I'm not sure how many Bob Dylan fans there are among the 20-year-old girls in Hungary today, but who knows? *grins* It certainly is a fabulous piece of lyrics.

Anonymous said...

Ludwig, you mentioned in your reply to "Q" that you're "not at liberty to disclose figures" concerning the models's pay at Mood's. This is perfectly understandable. You also said payment "was one of the (very few) things Pedro asked [you] not to write about."

Now I'm wondering: what were the (very few) others?

Mind you, I'm not interested in you giving away secrets. But given the high standards of your reporting, it would be a plus to know at least which topics you were not supposed to cover.

Ludwig said...

Arjuna: Apart from the figures of how much the models are making, the only secrets are people's real names and the address of the studio. But that goes without saying, so Pedro and I didn't even need to talk about it, really.

I always send Pedro a preview of a report before I post it, which is simply a matter of professional courtesy and something I do with the behind-the-scenes reports for all producers (also SM-Circus, for instance). He loved them all and never asked me to change anything, except for one little detail in the first part:

In the original version, I had written: "Pedro emphasises that the movie [Gestapo] is a non-political spanking fantasy, and that he has no sympathies for Nazism whatsoever." He commented: "Not only do I have 'no sympathies'for Nazism, I absolutely hate Nazism!" So I changed it to a stronger wording.

That was the only thing. Mood Pictures are very open and relaxed about everything, and I can cover whatever topic I want, except for the obviously private stuff like people's real names.

Malcolm said...

If you want to see real accuracy with devastating results, go to and watch the 20-stroke punishent video shot in Malaysia. The link is
and I think much could be learned about technique from this.

frants said...

Fast or slow canings: what is your opinion Ludwig, of the tempo in Mood canings?
I think they are often too fast.
I am against fast canings for 2 reasons. 1 because the pain can get too hard to handle for hte victim. 2 because I want the spactacle to last longer.
Some times Jessica tells her assistants to slow down. The reaction to such instruction is always that they beat lighter, not slower. Then Jessica takes over, and beats faster than anybody.
In Mood castings some candidates never reach 50 because the the beating is too fast. Or they ask for a pause or slowdown, and Jessica advices against it saying they will get numb and feel less pain if she goes fast. That may be partly true, but not having some seconds to deal with the pain of one stroke before the next comes is worse, I think.
Have you discussed this matter with P&P or the girls?
What do you think?
Did you beat at Jessica-speed in the film? (I will buy it now.)

Ludwig said...

Malcolm: I know that video, but I don't find it erotic at all. First off, it is too bloody and gory even for my taste - some of these canings (not all, apparently, depending on the person) really cause permanent damage, in the form of heavy scarring.

Secondly, and even more importantly, the video shows a real, i.e. non-consensual, judicial corporal punishment. Which is a practice I find morally objectionable, so I can't get anything out of watching it, and I'm actually rather turned off by it.

Obviously, like many other kinky people, I can - and frequently do! - get inspiration from real historical scenarios. Witch trials, floggings in the miliary, school canings... And yes, judicial CP in prisons, too. But the historical scenario as such is only the starting point for a heavy "fictionalisation" process - you take certain elements you like, you filter out others which you don't like, you replace certain things, you "eroticise" the whole scenario. Actually watching non-consensual CP on video, on the other hand, is not something that turns me on.

Generally speaking, a kinky video like "Inmates" is, from my point of view, much closer to a 1970's "women in prison" exploitation flick than to any real-life scenario. Sure, the CP is real, and it's very severe - but the spankees are models, not real prisoners! And when you take a good look at it, the depiction of the "prison" is pretty cheesy, too - cute, 20-year-old girls as inmates and guards? Not very realistic, that, and all the more enjoyable for it!

As for the Malaysian caning video, you could say that it is "interesting" in a detached sort of way, rather than erotic or enjoyable. It's true that one could probably learn certain things about technique from it. But ultimately, I'm not sure how useful it really is - unless you actually want to do that kind of permanent damage, which is something I do not condone (not even in consensual kinky play).

When it comes to caning technique, I look to people like Pavel Stastny instead, from the Lupus videos. Also to some of the more accurate Mood tops. That's what I find sexy and fun to watch, and it has all the viciousness you could wish for, even if you're a severity freak like me.

Ludwig said...

Frants: "Fast or slow canings: what is your opinion Ludwig, of the tempo in Mood canings? I think they are often too fast."

Ulimtately, it's all a matter of personal taste - what is "too fast", what is "too slow"? As for me, I'm a fan of more slow canings myself (not too slow, though, which is what I would call some of the stuff by a certain male top in Calstar videos).

I don't think Mood canings are too fast - I'd say most of them are just about right in terms of tempo. I find some of the Lupus Pictures canings way too fast, I can tell you that. But I don't have any major complaints about Mood here.

As for Jessica, is she really all that fast? Sometimes in Mood Castings perhaps, but the tempo in most full length movies is more deliberate. By and large, I think it's okay (the accuracy is another matter...).

"Have you discussed this matter with P&P or the girls?"

Actually, Mood share my taste for slower, more deliberate canings, and it's something Max Lomp emphasises during the instruction of the tops - that they want about 5 seconds between strokes as a general guideline, and that many new tops make the mistake of going too fast (I told him he didn't have to worry about that with me).

"Did you beat at Jessica-speed in the film? (I will buy it now.)"

I did the canings at a nicely deliberate speed, not too fast, not too slow - from my point of view! Obviously, you'll have to watch it yourself to see if it works for you.

Anonymous said...

Elite Pain and Mood Pictures is gone. Do you know what happened to the website?


Ludwig said...

@ Woodburn: You know, it helps to look at the newer postings on a blog once in a while, not just the ones that are a year old.

Mood Pictures Raided by Police
Some Questions Answered by Pedro

peterzdarsky said...


Ludwig said...

@ peterzdarsky: Errr... It's a movie set, chief. Finding the website of the movie producer should not be difficult if you have taken even a cursory look at the post.

Anonymous said...

has Max lomp started new production house???
i am very big fan of mood-pictures
and elite pain
but der is hardly any update on the site??
i heard max lomp is going to start new production plss reply

Kaelah said...

@ Anonymous:
Max Lomp has indeed started a new site which you can find here. It seems to have quite some similarities to Elitepain's Elite Club. So, if you like the Elite Club videos, the new site might indeed be for you.

The website will most probably not feature prominently on our blog, though, since it seems to show a lot of vanilla sex, full body whippings, thrashings of intimate parts and other forms of BDSM "torture", but not so much pure classical erotic CP which is the focus of this blog, and Ludwig's (and my) main interest. As you might have seen, the Elitepain videos which Ludwig reviewed are those that feature good classical caning scenes on the bottom or maybe good back whippings, and inventive storylines.