Thursday, August 31, 2017

Kaelah's Corner (Aug 2017):
Still Alive

It's been a while (more than three month to be precise), but now we're back. In case some of you were wondering (did anyone?) why there haven't been any new posts on this blog until now – here is why: I have been ill for quite a long time, nothing serious but enough to put me out of action. Which means that Ludwig had to take over nearly all the responsibilities we normally share. That's why neither of us was able to write a post, reply to comments and the like.

There have also been changes in our community I didn't manage to comment on. The two most important ones for me: First, Erica Scott quit blogging. And then Pandora Blake announced that due to the mandatory age verification in the Digital Economy Bill she has decided to stop updating Dreams of Spanking and will focus on other tasks instead. You can read her post about that decision here. The clips that already exist can still be viewed (these are the ones featuring Ludwig and me) but there won't be any new content. I find both changes very sad. Even though I didn't find the time anymore to comment a lot, Erica's blog was one of the few I still read regularly. And I loved what Pandora was doing, even so much that Dreams of Spanking was the only professional spanking porn site I ever did a real shoot with (not counting my rather spontaneous guest appearance at the SM Circus).

Well, so at least a few things haven't changed for the better during my absence. At least now I am feeling better and although Ludwig and I still have to make up leeway in many fields, I am positive that there will be regular updates again on this blog from now on.

The first post I am planning to write will be a blogiversary post (now it's eight years already!). Then I will solve the riddle of the marks on my legs which I showed you in this picture. And finally a very interesting discussion was raised by the commenters on my last post. As some of you observed correctly, it was the first time I casually showed my breasts in one of my pictures. So my third post will be on my thoughts about that subject.

For now, I just wanted to tell you that Ludwig and I are still here and explain why we have gone quiet for so long. We will be away for a few days (I definitely need a holiday, now that I am on the mend), but then normal posting will continue.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Striped Bottom

In my last Kaelah's Corner post, I showed you a picture with some rather heavy strange marks on my bottom and my legs. Today's post will tell you how the marks on my bottom came about. As most of you might have guessed correctly, the marks on my bottom were from a caning. The photos accompanying this post were taken directly after the caning had taken place, so the marks are still fresh.

Ludwig and I had scheduled some intimate time and Ludwig made a comment about how much caning my bottom would turn him on. Since I am rarely in the mood for a caning (especially taking one!) these days, he didn't really expect it to happen, though. As I prepared myself for our private time, it came to me that we hadn't posted any nice pictures showing cane marks in quite a while and that I would love to take some. Which of course meant I would have to take a caning first – a win-win-situation for both Ludwig and me.

So, I turned to the closet that hosts several of our canes and searched for one I liked. If I was willing to take a caning, I at least wanted to get the chance to chose the weapon. I found a rather heavy unpeeled crooked-handled cane and took it out. Since I prefer thud to sting, it seemed to be the right choice for me.

When Ludwig came into our bedroom a short time later, he found me standing there with the cane in my hands. "What's that about?" he asked. I guess since I frequently am in the mood for topping rather than bottoming nowadays, Ludwig has become cautious when he sees me with a cane... He knows that he still has a severe caning coming and maybe he thought I was about to suggest a training session.

I explained my thoughts to Ludwig and handed him the cane. As you can imagine, Ludwig wasn't opposed to the idea of caning me. He quickly took his chance and the cane from my hands. I was already naked, anyway, so I just bent over the end of the bed.

We agreed on one dozen strokes. "But not too hard, I am not used to being caned anymore at all!" I told Ludwig. Yes, I still try to top from the bottom. But it's the same with Ludwig, so he doesn't mind. When the first medium severe stroke hit my bottom, I wasn't so sure anymore whether the cane had been the right choice.

While the pain might not have been as stingy as the pain from a whippy peeled cane, it still burned and it went deep into the muscles because of the heaviness of the cane. I shared my observation with Ludwig. Obviously he found it interesting, because he immediately continued testing the effect of the cane. Ouch! I gritted my teeth and hissed and moaned myself through the next strokes. I went on tiptoes, bent my knees and wriggled my bottom in a vain attempt to cope with the nowadays so unfamiliar pain. The strokes weren't too severe, but the pain definitely was enough for me!

When the last stroke came, Ludwig of course had to make that one harder than the previous ones. At that stage I was already sweating. I tried to prepare myself as good as possible for the final stroke and then I heard a swish and a crack and the cane hit target for the last time. It ignited one more line of fire on my rear end and I buckled and wriggled in order to relieve the pain.

Then I took a look in the mirror – and realised that there was still a gap between the strokes on the upper half of my bottom and the ones on the lower half. Plus, except for the last one, the red lines weren't as much visible as I had hoped them to be. With my light skin I tend to get pale red lines only directly after a caning, unless it has been really quite hard. The marks easily turn blue later, though.

A looked at the mirror for a moment and handed the cane back to Ludwig. "The gap needs to be closed and I need some more clearly visible marks," I explained. "Well, it was just twelve strokes, I can't cover your whole bottom with that," Ludwig replied. He then complied with my request and focused his attention on the still white part of my bottom. After a few more strokes, he had managed to close the gap.

The pain was still strong, but it had become bearable since I was warmed up by now. So I was ready to take a few more severe strokes as well to round up the picture so to speak. I figured that since I had already taken so much pain in order to get a nice picture, I could take a bit more. Ludwig remarked something about me being a real masochist, but was of course happy to satisfy my wish. And so he gave me a final bunch (was it six?) of more severe strokes that imprinted clearly visible marks on my now already very red rear end.

I made it through those as well, driven by my declared intention to get the marks that I wanted. I was glad when it was finally over, though. It had been my most intense spanking for quite some time and it had been obvious that I wasn't used to the pain anymore at all. A look in the mirror made up for it, though, because there I saw the marks I had wanted to see. Clearly visible dark red tramlines covering my whole bottom. It seemed that Ludwig was satisfied, too.

And so he picked up the camera and we started taking pictures while the marks were still fresh. The rest of our intimate time was postponed until after the photo session. Watching my marked bottom in the mirror made it very easy for Ludwig to get back into the right mood after the interruption, though!

Now you know how the marks on my bottom came about. I hope you enjoy the pictures which we took. I will tell you more about the marks on my legs – which were from another day – in a separate post. Then I will also tell you whether we went to the public pool while I was still sporting the marks or not.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Kaelah's Corner (Apr 2017)
Strange Marks

Ludwig and I are thinking about going swimming this weekend. But, as you can see in the picture above, I'm showing some rather strong marks in very prominent spots. I suppose I would be able to cover those on my bottom, but not the ones on my legs. The marks have faded a bit more since the picture was taken a few days ago, but they are still clearly visible.

So I'm not sure whether I should really go. What would you think if you spotted someone at the pool with that kind of marks? What would you guess where they come from? And to all the spankees: Have you ever gone swimming when you had marks from a spanking? How was it?

The marks in the picture are obviously not completely fresh. I will show you a picture of the fresh marks (or at least a part of them) in another post and I will tell you more about the marks on my inner thighs and address the topic of pushing limits.

Concerning marks I feel that my focus has slightly changed. I still like them (especially fresh ones) in spanking pictures. They show that something visible has happened and they cater to my bravery fetish. When it comes to more severe marks from a scene, though, I realise that I am not so keen on carrying those too often and for too long. They are nice to watch in pictures, but in my everyday life they only make things more complicated. Things like going swimming, for instance...

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Kaelah's Corner (Mar 2017):
The Trinity of Bavarian Education

Today's Kaelah's Corner post will be about a little Bavarian joke. As I already wrote before, Ludwig and I aren't really into face slapping. A few days ago we were told a funny anecdote about traditional Bavarian face slapping, though, which I want to share with you.

It was explained to us that there are three different forms of slaps, jokingly called the Bavarian trinity of education. They are distinguished by the desired result.

First of all, there is the traditional "Watschn". It's supposed to leave a visible hand print on the cheek of the spankee. The second form is the so called "Schelln". That one should have the ears of the spankee ringing for a few minutes. The last and heaviest one is the "Fotzn". After a Fotzn the spankee is supposed to not stand in the place anymore where they did before.

Cute, the Bavarians, aren't they? By the way, Ludwig had never heard this joke before, either. And it is of course a joke, nothing to be tried out for real. As we all know, always play safe!

So, before risking ringing ears from a face slap, better use a cane on the bare bottom. That will have the ears of the spankee ringing, too, but definitely doesn't take the risk of permanent deafness. Quite the contrary, the chances that the spankee will be able to listen better afterwards than they did  before are actually quite good! :-)

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Kaelah's Corner (Feb 2017):
Get Off My Lawn!

About a week ago I was very proud that I had managed to write this Kaelah's Corner post so timely and would be able to publish it by the end of February. But then life got very busy again - and I completely forgot to ask Ludwig for a final review and publish the post by the end of the month. And so, Kaelah's Corner is a bit late again. Darn! Oh well, I guess that's life.

Today's post is not about kink, anyway, but about blogging in general and about our politics on this blog specifically. Those who write comments here on our blog might have noticed that the comment moderation function was switched on a while ago and is still active.

The original reason was that we got spam mail which the Blogger system unfortunately didn't recognize as such (the spam wasn't posted with the Anonymous option but from a Blogger account). We
even pondered whether the spam was indeed posted by a real person who actually selected fitting posts instead of the usual bot. Nonetheless it was real simple spam, linking to vanilla porn sites or whatever. Our hope was that the spam would stop once the moderation function had been activated for a while and that we could deactivate it again afterwards.

It took some time but since a few weeks we only get the "usual" spam again, so maybe our strategy worked or the spammer stopped for a different reason. Despite of that I have decided to keep the moderation function activated. And I am going to tell you why.

One reason is of course that we still get quite a lot of spam and there is always a risk that Blogger doesn't manage to filter out the one or other spam comment correctly. That's not the main point, though. The main reason is that in contrast to what I believed some years ago, I don't intend to publish every comment people make on this blog anymore.

Now don't worry, I am not talking about polite comments from people who don't agree with me on a certain topic discussed on this blog! Ludwig and I are still of the opinion that it is wonderful when people who have different views on a subject talk with each other instead of about each other (unfortunately the latter is very common today, especially when it comes to political views). Even if all participants keep their original opinion afterwards, they might at least have gained a better understanding of why others have a different point of view.

So, that's not what I am talking about. What has changed, though, is my stance on trolls and how to deal with them. A few years ago, I would have published every comment no matter how insolent they were (as long as the commenter didn't insult one of our readers) and written a serious reply.

First of all I would have given the commenter the benefit of doubt. Maybe he or she got something wrong or wrote a harsh comment because of fear of something, like severe scenes? Some things had scared me, too, as a newbie. Of course I didn't write impolite comments because of that, but maybe the other person simply wasn't so well articulated? And even if the commenter was a real troll, then my serious reply would show them how stupid their comment was and that I didn't reply in the same way. And others who might have similar thoughts or fears as the troll but weren't as dull and impolite might be convinced by my arguments, too.

The problem with this approach: It gives real trolls the attention they seek but definitely don't deserve and can lead to a very long, emotionally exhausting discussion. That's indeed what happened once in a while. Ludwig and I sometimes even took the time to debate with trolls (or at least people who weren't able to hold a decent discussion) on other forums or blogs when a topic was dear to our heart.

As a result, Ludwig was called a "true Teutonic demagogue" when he defended Mood Pictures against the "those monsters abuse defenceless (and maybe kidnapped) girls" faction. I, and subsequently Ludwig, were accused of having taken over a threat on another blog when I questioned the comment of some guy and we didn't manage to stop the resulting verbal exchange in which one false accusation after the other was uttered, giving us the feeling that we had to defend ourselves and set things right.

From today's point of view it all wasn't worth the time and the emotional involvement. Which is why I was glad that the moderation function was enabled when we received several stupid, insulting and even threatening comments over the past months. Instead of bothering with them, I simply hit the delete button and they were gone.

Because as I said, we still love to discuss topics and we still love to hear different views. And it's of course okay when someone is very dedicated to a certain theme or opinion and wholeheartedly fights for his or her belief. But - and this is where my view has changed - this is our blog, our home. And that means it's our rules. These rules are simple: This is a blog for decent people who like to participate in a polite and respectful discussion.

So, for all those who either don't have that ability or don't want to make use of it: Get off my (our) lawn! And to the vast majority of polite people reading and commenting on our blog - please take a seat, have a cup of tea and a cookie and make yourself at home. We love to hear from you and always try to publish your comments as soon as we see them. So please don't be upset should it take a while at times until your comment is published or a reply appears. It doesn't mean we don't like you or don't appreciate your comment, it just means we are currently too busy for any blogging activities.

Friday, February 24, 2017

The Bath Towel

In my last Kaelah's Corner post I wrote about my idea to make appointments for sex since Ludwig and I have so little spare time left. Today's post is about the incident which brought up the whole topic.

One evening a few weeks ago, Ludwig was in the mood for a bit of intimacy and asked me whether I was up for it, too. I was extremely tired, though, and had to tell him that the time wasn't right for me. But the next day promised to be less busy, so I suggested that this might be the chance to share some quality time together.

It wasn't really an appointment, rather an option we kept in mind. On the next evening, I was indeed much less exhausted, albeit not really in the mood for vanilla sex. Unlike a year ago I didn't let that scare me, though, and just pondered what kind of intimacy I was up for. It came to me that I would enjoy a hot bath together. After that I could cater to Ludwig's needs and maybe be rewarded with a relaxing massage in return.

Ludwig liked the idea and so we took a relaxing, hot bubble bath together. Afterwards we built us a cozy place for the next things to come. Ludwig came over, wearing only a towel around his hips. Which I grabbed and pulled off him. The towel had inspired me to what I would love to do as well.

So I told Ludwig to lay down, stood above his sexy slim body and used the towel on his naked buttocks. Since the towel was almost dry, aiming and controlling it wasn't really easy. So I couldn't hit too hard, but enjoyed myself nonetheless. I have to admit I am not sure about it anymore, but I think I added some handspanks, too.

Afterwards I made sure that Ludwig enjoyed himself, too. To Ludwig's and my own surprise my submissive side popped up during the process. Thus, instead of asking Ludwig for a massage, I started wriggling my bottom at him after I had lay down. And so the day ended with Ludwig grabbing my hair and catering to my needs as well.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Kaelah's Corner (Jan 2017):
An Appointment

As our avid readers know, spare time has become less and less over the past years for Ludwig and me. This affected many aspects of our life, one of them being our sexual and kinky play. Lots of duties and only little time to recharge the batteries means that we now have less time and energy for sex and kinky fun than when we first met in 2009.

That isn't much of a problem for us, though, since we are close to each other on so many levels nowadays that having less erotic time together isn't such a huge loss. Of course, we still desire each other on a sexual level, just less frequently – after a stressful day, a nice dinner and a hot bath together can be the more tempting option!

Still, it can be challenging to find a time when we both have a few hours off, enough energy and are both in the mood for some sexual fun. Which finally brings me to today's topic: It seems to me that making explicit appointments for sex could be a way for us to fix this problem. So this is the theme I would like to discuss today.

Scheduling dates for sex is something which a couple who are friends of ours do. They are still very much in love and still have an active sexual life after many years of marriage. I don't know the details, but I think they have at least one date per week. And it seems to work out very well for them.

If you had asked me about the concept a year or so ago, I would have said that appointments for sex weren't for me, though. Because it would have set me under pressure that I must be in the right mood for sex at a time that was agreed upon previously.

That was not only a problem for me concerning vanilla sex with Ludwig, I had the same problem with kinky events and especially kinky video shoots that involved people other than Ludwig and me. After all, spanking is a very intimate thing for me, too, even if less intimate than vanilla sex. So I was always scared that I might not be in the mood for a kinky scene at the time of the event or shoot, but would have to go through with it nonetheless because the others involved counted on me. Fortunately, that never turned out to be a huge problem, but it was always on my mind.

Today, I am much more relaxed about the concept of scheduled erotic events, not only kink-wise, but also concerning vanilla sex. The reason is that I am not so much caught up in the idea anymore that I have to fulfil other people's expectations.

Concerning appointments for sex, that means those appointments would be made in order to give Ludwig and me both a good time. Nobody can guarantee in advance to be in the mood for sex at a given time. So, having made an appointment between lovers wouldn't mean that either of us would have to deliver a certain performance.

It would only mean that we would set aside time for each other and for being close. And then everything would be possible, but nothing a must. Kinky roleplay, vanilla sex, a handjob for one partner and a nice massage for the other who isn't in the mood for sexual stimulation, cuddling, taking a hot bath together and much more. It would just be a matter of communicating one's mood and one's needs openly and honestly, something which Ludwig and I are really good at.

We spontaneously had a kind of appointment for sex a few weeks ago, which brought up the whole topic I am writing about today. Ludwig was in the mood for sex one evening, but I was much too tired. After thinking for a short moment, I realised that the next day was filled with fewer activities and therefore would be a good day for some intimate time together. So this is what I told Ludwig. And while we didn't really make an appointment by setting a certain time or even agreeing that it would definitely happen, we indeed had a great erotic time together the next day. It involved a spanking, too, so I will write more about it in another post.

I am not sure that I would want to have a regular appointment for intimacy on a certain day of the week at a certain time. But taking a look at possible timeslots for an erotic time together from time to time might indeed be a good idea.

When I contemplated the topic, it came to me that appointments are indeed quite common for spanking play, especially when we are talking about kinky events, group roleplay or play partners who aren't a couple. And I guess many couples plan and schedule more elaborate scenes beforehand, too. After all, for many kinksters, the anticipation is a huge part of the fun!

I suppose that explicit appointments for vanilla sex are less common, though, especially for couples. And at first, the idea sounded much stranger to me than planning and scheduling a kinky scene in advance. Somehow, making a date for vanilla sex only seemed to be necessary for people who want to have sex with someone they are not in a relationship with. But today, I don't find the thought so strange anymore. And I think there could be advantages similar to those of scheduled kinky play, like looking forward to a time of closeness and relaxation. So maybe Ludwig and I will try this out more often in the future.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic! Are your kinky scenes scheduled in advance? How about vanilla sex or a mixture of kinky play and vanilla sex? Can you imagine scheduling that in advance, too, or have you actually made experiences with that already? Does it work out? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.