Friday, February 24, 2017

The Bath Towel

In my last Kaelah's Corner post I wrote about my idea to make appointments for sex since Ludwig and I have so little spare time left. Today's post is about the incident which brought up the whole topic.

One evening a few weeks ago, Ludwig was in the mood for a bit of intimacy and asked me whether I was up for it, too. I was extremely tired, though, and had to tell him that the time wasn't right for me. But the next day promised to be less busy, so I suggested that this might be the chance to share some quality time together.

It wasn't really an appointment, rather an option we kept in mind. On the next evening, I was indeed much less exhausted, albeit not really in the mood for vanilla sex. Unlike a year ago I didn't let that scare me, though, and just pondered what kind of intimacy I was up for. It came to me that I would enjoy a hot bath together. After that I could cater to Ludwig's needs and maybe be rewarded with a relaxing massage in return.

Ludwig liked the idea and so we took a relaxing, hot bubble bath together. Afterwards we built us a cozy place for the next things to come. Ludwig came over, wearing only a towel around his hips. Which I grabbed and pulled off him. The towel had inspired me to what I would love to do as well.

So I told Ludwig to lay down, stood above his sexy slim body and used the towel on his naked buttocks. Since the towel was almost dry, aiming and controlling it wasn't really easy. So I couldn't hit too hard, but enjoyed myself nonetheless. I have to admit I am not sure about it anymore, but I think I added some handspanks, too.

Afterwards I made sure that Ludwig enjoyed himself, too. To Ludwig's and my own surprise my submissive side popped up during the process. Thus, instead of asking Ludwig for a massage, I started wriggling my bottom at him after I had lay down. And so the day ended with Ludwig grabbing my hair and catering to my needs as well.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Kaelah's Corner (Jan 2017):
An Appointment

As our avid readers know, spare time has become less and less over the past years for Ludwig and me. This affected many aspects of our life, one of them being our sexual and kinky play. Lots of duties and only little time to recharge the batteries means that we now have less time and energy for sex and kinky fun than when we first met in 2009.

That isn't much of a problem for us, though, since we are close to each other on so many levels nowadays that having less erotic time together isn't such a huge loss. Of course, we still desire each other on a sexual level, just less frequently – after a stressful day, a nice dinner and a hot bath together can be the more tempting option!

Still, it can be challenging to find a time when we both have a few hours off, enough energy and are both in the mood for some sexual fun. Which finally brings me to today's topic: It seems to me that making explicit appointments for sex could be a way for us to fix this problem. So this is the theme I would like to discuss today.

Scheduling dates for sex is something which a couple who are friends of ours do. They are still very much in love and still have an active sexual life after many years of marriage. I don't know the details, but I think they have at least one date per week. And it seems to work out very well for them.

If you had asked me about the concept a year or so ago, I would have said that appointments for sex weren't for me, though. Because it would have set me under pressure that I must be in the right mood for sex at a time that was agreed upon previously.

That was not only a problem for me concerning vanilla sex with Ludwig, I had the same problem with kinky events and especially kinky video shoots that involved people other than Ludwig and me. After all, spanking is a very intimate thing for me, too, even if less intimate than vanilla sex. So I was always scared that I might not be in the mood for a kinky scene at the time of the event or shoot, but would have to go through with it nonetheless because the others involved counted on me. Fortunately, that never turned out to be a huge problem, but it was always on my mind.

Today, I am much more relaxed about the concept of scheduled erotic events, not only kink-wise, but also concerning vanilla sex. The reason is that I am not so much caught up in the idea anymore that I have to fulfil other people's expectations.

Concerning appointments for sex, that means those appointments would be made in order to give Ludwig and me both a good time. Nobody can guarantee in advance to be in the mood for sex at a given time. So, having made an appointment between lovers wouldn't mean that either of us would have to deliver a certain performance.

It would only mean that we would set aside time for each other and for being close. And then everything would be possible, but nothing a must. Kinky roleplay, vanilla sex, a handjob for one partner and a nice massage for the other who isn't in the mood for sexual stimulation, cuddling, taking a hot bath together and much more. It would just be a matter of communicating one's mood and one's needs openly and honestly, something which Ludwig and I are really good at.

We spontaneously had a kind of appointment for sex a few weeks ago, which brought up the whole topic I am writing about today. Ludwig was in the mood for sex one evening, but I was much too tired. After thinking for a short moment, I realised that the next day was filled with fewer activities and therefore would be a good day for some intimate time together. So this is what I told Ludwig. And while we didn't really make an appointment by setting a certain time or even agreeing that it would definitely happen, we indeed had a great erotic time together the next day. It involved a spanking, too, so I will write more about it in another post.

I am not sure that I would want to have a regular appointment for intimacy on a certain day of the week at a certain time. But taking a look at possible timeslots for an erotic time together from time to time might indeed be a good idea.

When I contemplated the topic, it came to me that appointments are indeed quite common for spanking play, especially when we are talking about kinky events, group roleplay or play partners who aren't a couple. And I guess many couples plan and schedule more elaborate scenes beforehand, too. After all, for many kinksters, the anticipation is a huge part of the fun!

I suppose that explicit appointments for vanilla sex are less common, though, especially for couples. And at first, the idea sounded much stranger to me than planning and scheduling a kinky scene in advance. Somehow, making a date for vanilla sex only seemed to be necessary for people who want to have sex with someone they are not in a relationship with. But today, I don't find the thought so strange anymore. And I think there could be advantages similar to those of scheduled kinky play, like looking forward to a time of closeness and relaxation. So maybe Ludwig and I will try this out more often in the future.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic! Are your kinky scenes scheduled in advance? How about vanilla sex or a mixture of kinky play and vanilla sex? Can you imagine scheduling that in advance, too, or have you actually made experiences with that already? Does it work out? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ninth Blogiversary

Today is the ninth blogiversary of Rohrstock-Palast, which I started back in the prehistoric era of 2008. To my horror and amazement, I just discovered that my last post was exactly one year ago - on the eighth blogiversary. Never before has there been such a gap between posts of mine. If it weren't for Kaelah, this blog would be well and truly dead. I suppose we should rename it Kaelah's Rohrstock-Palast.

Obviously, I have not been a very eager blogger this past year, and in the years before when my posts were already pretty rare. I could say that I am very busy with my job and other real-life duties, but that would not be the entire truth. Of course, I could still find at least some free time for blogging - an hour here, an hour there. But blogging can become a job of sorts (it certainly was for me for several years), and I really don't feel like taking on an extra job during what little free time I have at the moment. I just lack the energy and the inspiration for that. Unlike Kaelah, who is much better at multi-tasking, I tend to do things excessively or not at all. Moreover, as I have already said in the past, I've covered almost everything I wanted to write about here, I've done almost every video that was realistically feasible, and there aren't many ideas left that really spark my imagination. Whatever remains to do feels rather like cleaning up and filling in a couple of blanks - worthwhile, but not exactly super-exciting.

That said, it's not like I lost my interest in the blog completely. I still follow everything Kaelah writes, she consults me about almost every post, and I proof-read every one of them. I also still read all the comments. And I can say that my spanking fantasies have become more frequent and more vivid again than they were in the recent past - I guess the absence from the day in, day out job of blogging has helped to re-ignite my kink somewhat. While it probably will never be as existentially important to me again as it was a decade ago when I was a wide-eyed newbie to the spanking community, it's definitely stronger than, say, a year or two ago.

In November 2014, Kaelah and I announced that we would close down the blog the following spring. That was more than two years ago now - so much for things going according to plan! Rest assured, we weren't trying to tease you or play a joke on you. At the time, we really did intend to do precisely what we said we would. But we severely underestimated the time and effort required for the final "firework" of posts and finished videos which we wanted to do, which would have overtaxed us at the best of times - and overtaxed us all the more when our free time became much rarer during the following months and years. Moreover, you know how it is: once you lose touch with any hobby or activity like blogging, it's all the more difficult to get back to a frequent routine.

But enough with the whining and excuses. A blogiversary is a day to celebrate. I am happy that Rohrstock-Palast has made it to the ripe old age (for a blog) of nine years, and I am glad that we still have readers left even though our activity level - mine in particular - has not been great. Thank you for that. Now that we have got to nine, we might as well make the decade complete and go to ten. So you will get to enjoy the blog for at least one more year. And I do sincierely hope and intend to write more again.

There is also the not-so-small matter of editing at least five videos which we have already shot (preview pictures of some of them can be seen in Klingons Do Not Faint!, My First Day At School - On Camera! and A Creative Valentine's Weekend). Some of the material is almost as old as the blog itself, and from that point of view, it's outright ridiculous that it still hasn't been published. But I tell you honestly, it includes the best stuff we have ever filmed, and I want to get it just right. I need inspiration for that, which I haven't had in recent years. Hopefully, I'll have it in 2017. Last but not least, we also have at least one more scene to film. As Kaelah loves to remind me, we are still missing a severe, 50 stroke F/M caning in order to complete our array of videos and restore some balance after several hard caning videos which Kaelah has done as a bottom. I keep telling her that we only have very few fans of F/M stuff and that no one would want to see it, but she is not buying it.

As you can see, we still have some exciting spanking porn masterpieces in the pipeline before we finally say farewell, and I still have a couple of things I would really like to write about. I am not going to give you any schedules or deadlines, because we have done that in the past, and we haven't been able to meet them. I'm taking the George R. R. Martin approach: it'll be done when it's done, I don't know when, but winter is coming. Definitely.

In the meantime, thank you very much for reading and commenting for another year. I'll write more posts than I did last year - that much I can safely promise, I think. Here's to a good kinky season of 2017. Let's see what the future brings.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ludwig's Belting

In my last Kaelah's Corner post, I told you about my final spanking in 2016. As promised, today's post is about the last spanking Ludwig received from me in the past year which took place a few days after mine.

Ludwig's spanking didn't have any premise other than he asking me to give him some pleasure with my hand and / or mouth and me being in a toppy mood and wanting to have some spanking fun first. So, when Ludwig stripped from his clothes, I grabbed his belt, slipped it through the loops of his trousers, double-folded it and playfully slapped it against the palm of my hand.

Ludwig, ready to position himself comfortably on the sofa for a pleasurable time, looked at me questioningly. I grinned and told him that I wanted him to lay down on his stomach first and not on his back, because I wanted a bit of pleasure, too. Ludwig protested half-heartedly, but did what I had asked him to do.

He lay before me stretched over the sofa, presenting his firm naked buttocks for his own belt. His skin had its usual pristine white colour. That was about to change soon, though.

I didn't waste any time with a warm-up, even though I usually love using my hand for a spanking. Instead, I brought down the belt with a loud crack. Ludwig grimaced and let out a gentle moan. He currently has about as little spanking practice as I do and was clearly feeling the pain. Which of course further increased my motivation.

Slowly and methodically I brought the belt down again and again. Not overly hard – I didn't have the intention to leave any lasting black and blue marks – but not really soft, either. Clearly hard enough to keep Ludwig hissing and wriggling. I enjoyed watching his reactions and how he was struggling to get through the belting. Which he, despite his struggling, of course managed to without losing his composure.

When I was done, Ludwig's bottom had a nice red colour and he was reminded how painful things can get when I am in a genuinely toppy mood. It made him ponder whether it had really been a good idea to ask me for a final severe caning which Ludwig wants to do on video for the amusement of the viewers and to make up for the severe canings which I have done as a bottom. Well, I'd say it's too late for these kinds of worries now that I am already looking forward to that scene!

Ludwig's belting was over, though, and I was content. So, I told Ludwig to turn around and we switched to things that definitely provided him with more pleasure than the belting had. The only bad thing about the comfortable position for Ludwig was that I couldn't look at the results of my handiwork (or, rather, beltwork) while making Ludwig hiss and moan again, this time with slightly different sounds!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Kaelah's Corner (Dec 2016):
Happy New Year!

Welcome to a slightly delayed Kaelah's Corner post. Ludwig and I wish all of you a Happy and Peaceful New Year!

2016 was a good year for us. It was our first year living together and our first year as a married couple. Interestingly, it was probably our least active year so far concerning kink. There are several reasons for this about which I didn't write much on this blog because they aren't kink-related. For a while, we decided not to engage in any kinky play due to medical reasons (nothing bad, but enough not to be in the mood and the physical condition for spanking). Then we were busy as crazy not only with our wedding and moving in together but also with job issues and family responsibilities. That also let us prefer a nice quiet dinner together, a hot bath and a good nap to any more complex spanking scenes.

We didn't miss much, though, because even without lots of spanking and kinky adventures, 2016 provided us with many new and exciting experiences. And close to the end of the year, we finally had two spontaneous little scenes, one of which I would like to share with you today. The first scene, about which I am going to write today, saw me on the receiving end, the second one, which will be covered in a separate post, Ludwig.

So, here we go: My last spanking in 2016 happened after Ludwig and I had eaten dinner together. Ludwig was putting away the dishes and I made one of my usual smart-ass remarks. I can't remember what it was, exactly, Ludwig thinks it was that he should take more stuff in one turn so that the work would be finished faster. Ludwig remarked that I shouldn't always give unsolicited advice to people on how to do things and that he would put away the dishes the way he preferred. To which I replied that the way I suggested was still more efficient then his. Which was, as I might add, a correct observation.

Ludwig came back from the kitchen, took me by the arm to the sofa (without much resistance on my behalf), pulled down my pants and knickers and put me over his lap. Then he began spanking my naked bottom with his hand, while lecturing me that I didn't have to be such a smart-ass all the time. Even though that might not have been the smartest idea given the position I was in, I honestly told Ludwig that I indeed had to be a smart-ass because it was genetic and I couldn't help it. Which is true, my family is full of smart-asses, so there must be some genetic trait. But, as you can see, honesty is even more important for me than cleverness or opportunism. Okay, and maybe I am a masochist who in addition to not minding a nice spanking from time to time doesn't like to be told how to behave... ;-)

While Ludwig appreciated my honesty, he obviously thought that a good spanking couldn't do any harm, anyway. And so he continued slapping my bare backside while I gripped one of the sofa cushions and tried to suck in the pain as best as I could. I am totally out of practice, though, which led to me struggling and yelping a lot despite the fact that the spanking most probably wasn't too hard. Ludwig really didn't need any implement. His hand was fully sufficient to drive his message home. Finally, he decided that I had had enough and let me back up.

Remorsefully, I dropped to my knees. Looking up to Ludwig I apologized sincerely and thanked him for having put me back into my place. … Ummh, okay, well, no, that's not how the scene ended.

Instead I did the following: Since I hadn't been spanked in a while, the first thing I did was rush to the bathroom to take a look at the marks in the mirror. Ludwig told me that the spanking hadn't been very long, so I couldn't expect to see much. My bottom was visibly red, though, and I was satisfied with its look. Ludwig noticed how happy I seemed which he of course interpreted as me being glad to be put back into place. Seeing me satisfied made him happy, too, even though his explanation was of course just wishful thinking (and he would never seriously believe it himself).

Unfortunately, I have no picture of the marks to share with you this time. Maybe next time after my first spanking in 2017 has taken place!

How about you? Was 2016 a year full of spanking fun for you or not? Do you remember your last spanking (received or given) in 2016? You are very welcome to share your memories of the past year in the comment section!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Special Story (Part 4)

Happy and Peaceful Holidays to all of you from Ludwig and me! As my little present to our readers, this is the fourth and final part of my tailor-made LOL Day story. I hope you enjoy reading it. The three previous parts can be found here, here and here.

I was confused, thrilled, scared, happy and nervous all at the same time! We took it slowly, though, and diligently planned our very first play session. From what I had told her and what she had seen, it was clear to Veronica that I wasn't exactly into love taps but rather into more severe spankings. She was willing to give me what I graved but only up to a point she felt comfortable with herself and which she considered safe given that she was new to all this.

She told me that she liked the idea of being a top like Mr Johnson, strict but caring. Just the kind of top I love! Then she made a suggestion: What if we took my betrayal on her as a premise for my first spanking? I was torn between yes and no. On the one hand I am into punishment scenarios and the whole story was almost too good not to use it. Maybe it would even help us to finally let go of the last remaining resentments?! On the other hand I was really remorseful and scared that this premise might be too real and would just cause awful feelings.

After pondering the pros and cons for some time, we decided to give it a try. Veronica resolved that like Ms Smithers I was in for a severe caning. I heard her practise with the cane almost every evening and it sounded really menacing. I had tried the cane twice, but always after a long warm-up with other implements. Now I was about to receive a cold caning for the very first time in my life, consisting of 24 strokes. The thought was both scaring and thrilling. In the days before the event I was on an emotional roller coaster, my tummy full of butterflies more often than not.

On the evening when my long-held fantasy was about to become real, Veronica wore an elegant and beautiful new red dress. She ordered me to come to the living room, where she had arranged a table over which I was supposed to be caned. I was excited and really nervous at the same time. But I trusted Veronica. And it turned out that she was a natural!

At first she ordered me to strip naked, making me feel very vulnerable. Then she made me tell her the whole story why I was going to be caned as I stood in front of her in my birthday suit quivering from excitement. She told me to bend over the table and exclaimed that I was about to receive a severe caning. And receive a severe caning I did! Only three strokes in I whimpered and whined and apologized. In the end I was shaky and breathless and done. Cold canings are real agony! Veronica was absolutely accurate, though, and imprinted 24 wonderful parallel cane stripes on my bottom which I admired for a long time in a mirror afterwards. The welts were delicious and the marks were visible for two weeks after. But there was no broken skin and no blood.

And after the caning we had great sex. It was as wild and lustful as it hadn't been in years. Life felt wonderful again. And that's actually what it has been for the past six years. Of course, the excitement has eased a bit. We still do erotic spanking, usually very playfully, sometimes with a real life premise to heighten the thrill. But of course not as often as we did when we started out six years ago. Other things in our life have become more important again. For instance, we have since become grandparents. Despite the decrease of spanking play our life is full of laughter and happiness and our love for each other is very strong.

And sometimes we still do naughty things. Like today on the sixth anniversary of our first spanking play. “A penny for your thoughts,” Veronica is suddenly standing close behind me. “I was thinking how happy I am to have you in my life,” I reply, still looking straight ahead on the white wall in front of me. Veronica's hand casually wanders over my right buttock, making me shiver.

“That's nice to hear. Now, let's get down to business,” says she, now in the typical strict toppy voice I have come to love, her hand squeezing my bottom. “Turn around.” I follow her order and she gleefully gazes at my naked body. “Now go and bring the strap immediately, subby.” Veronica has made a habit of teasingly calling me subby when we play. I make my way to the cupboard where we store our implements and take out the large prison strap which Veronica has referred to. I bring it to her and hand it over. Veronica has me bend over our bed and gives me a thorough strapping that is accompanied by a lot of ouching on my behalf and has my bottom glowing red afterwards. The strapping is followed by our now almost traditional 24 cane strokes which add a set of rigid welts to the painting and leave me gasping for air.

Then we make love. Veronica runs her fingernails over my roasted rump reigniting the pain and sending waves of arousal through my body while I please her with my tongue. After we have both had our relief, we lie next to each other on the bed, still panting. Well, we don't get any younger. We exchange loving and reassuring kisses and cuddles and finally switch off the light. Soon we fall asleep, holding each other's hand.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Special Story (Part 3)

This is the third part of my tailor-made LOL Day story. Here you can find part one and part two.

“That was indeed very impressive, honey. You recall the story almost literally. That goes to show how much it meant to you at the time and still today.” Although I can't see her for I am facing the wall, I am sure that Veronica is sitting at her computer and has been comparing my words to the original story.

“That's true,” is all I reply. The story I have just recited is the very first spanking story I ever came across online six years ago. It was a revelation. Suddenly I knew what my strange fantasies had been all about. And I was reassured that I was not alone.

“It's how it all began, right?” I simply nod. “Yes, Ma'am.” - “At first we didn't take the easy road, though, did we?” I blush and nod silently. What followed directly after my discovery is nothing I am proud of.

Veronica and I had been married for 26 years at the time and had never had anything else but vanilla sex. As a matter of fact, after those 26 years we didn't have much sex at all anymore. Instead of telling her about my new discovery and my life-long fantasies, I pulled even further away from Veronica. I was convinced that she would be shocked if she found out. After a while, I even believed that she would judge me a pervert and file for divorce.

And so I kept it all to myself and began to explore this newly found world in secret. It started out pretty harmless. At first I just read more online spanking stories, a few blogs from those who actually lived the lifestyle and watched some spanking porn. My new hobby became more and more time consuming, though, and finally I reached the point where I wanted to try this out for real, no matter at which expense.

I started visiting professional dominatrices. At first infrequently. Then more and more often. Living out my fantasies with them was a dream come true. And the cause for a very bad conscience towards Veronica and a growing fear to lose her. I began to lie about where I was and what I did. I went to work early and came home late, telling her something about important projects and after-work pints with my colleagues when what I really did was hanging out at internet cafes and visiting Lady Georgia, Mistress Samantha and Madam Lucille.

Veronica and I argued more and more often. She would for instance ask me whether we could go to the cinema in the evening to watch a movie. The dialogue would unfold like this: “Honey, we haven't been out together for such a long time. How about going to the cinema this evening? They show a new funny movie called xxx.” - “No.” - “Why?” - “Because I said so.” At that point Veronica would silently retreat and I would quickly leave the house. I still loved Veronica as I did when we married and still do today, but I had no idea how to handle the situation which got more complicated and out of control with every day that went by.

We talked less and less and just passed each other on our separate ways. That was until the day on which Veronica confronted me with the fact that she knew it all. And I confessed. I told her everything from my early fantasies as a young man to that spanking story I had found online and what followed from there. Veronica was both angry and very sad. But not because of my kink. No, all the judging I had expected didn't happen. But she was angry and sad because I hadn't trusted her enough to tell her. And had betrayed her instead. Almost like the heroine of my favourite spanking story. That was the irony.

Veronica told me she needed time. She went on a short holiday trip for the weekend, alone. And I sat at home crying because I was sure I had destroyed our marriage. After three days Veronica returned. And we talked again. For hours. It was painful but at the same time cathartic and liberating. The following week we spent all evenings together talking. The more we spoke to each other, the more the mood lightened. On the second day we laughed together at one point. On the fourth day we drank wine while talking. And on the seventh day we went out for a walk and ended up sitting next to each other at the riverside watching the moon and the stars.

It was clear that the wounds caused by my betrayal would take time to heal. But contrary to my worries Veronica wasn't willing to give up on us. And what came like a shock to me – our conversations revealed that she had gathered a lot of information about erotic spanking on her weekend away and the days after in order to understand me better. In addition to that she asked me hundreds of questions which I tried to answer as best as I could.

Our life got much better from that point on. It was okay for Veronica that I read about spanking online and watched spanking porn, but she didn't want me to go to a pro domme. Being able to dwell on kinky sites without the fear of being caught and without having a bad conscience was wonderful. Sometimes, Veronica would sit next to me and read what I was reading or watch what I was watching. At first, it felt a bit strange and I was slightly uncomfortable when she did that. But over time I got used to it and even appreciated it because it usually led to a nice conversation.

About three months after my confession there was another life-changing day. Veronica came to me and told me that she had done something behind my back as well. In the past three months as she had learned more and more about my kink, she had realised that the idea of spanking me gave her a thrill. She wasn't sure, though, whether it was just a stimulating fantasy or whether she would also enjoy it for real. Since she didn't want to raise a false hope on my behalf, she didn't tell me about her thoughts and instead contacted one of the dominatrices I had been to. Lady Georgia offered training courses for spanking newbies and Veronica went to one of these without telling me. As she revealed to me afterwards on that special day, she had actually enjoyed it and was willing to introduce erotic spanking play into our life!