Saturday, April 5, 2014

Kaelah's Corner (Mar 2014):
Don't Let Me Down


Welcome to a very belated edition of Kaelah's Corner. Today I would like to discuss a little observation about my kink that recently crossed my mind. The thing is, I realised that in my kinky fantasies, especially those which are about young midshipmen and naval discipline, a very crucial part that gives me a big thrill is not the punishment itself but the moment when the errant miscreants have to admit their wrongdoing to their mentor.

The interesting thing about that observation is that the idea of not meeting a close person's expectations is one of the most horrible ideas I can think of in real life. Letting someone I love down and – the worst thing of all – making them feel sad is something I fear and something that can cause me a strong feeling of guilt.

Of course, it is not a good idea to always fulfil other people's expectations and needs, even when they are loved ones. Because what it means is that one obviously doesn't really respect one's own needs. Even those who really care for us, like our parents and our mates, try to get their own needs and desires fulfilled in their relationship with us, no matter whether they are aware of it or not. For instance, I think most parents want their children to be successful in life not only for the child's well-being, but also because it makes them feel proud and proves to them that they have done a good job as parents. And a wife who looks after her husband in times of illness surely hopes that he will be thankful and love her all the more afterwards.

Sometimes we want and need the same things as our loved ones and sometimes we want and need different things. If the latter occurs, our needs and limits have to be discussed and compromises found. This can mean that we have to disappoint our loved ones by telling them that we can't give them what they desire from us. Sometimes we simply can't fulfil their expectations.

I'm not good at finding compromises when loved ones want something from me that I can't / am not willing to give. Which doesn't mean that I always do what they want. Quite the contrary, I can become very self-protective and defend my needs and limits harshly (or at least I feel like I am very clear and even harsh; Ludwig often tells me that I don't sound as clear and harsh as I think). But seeing a loved one being sad because of something I have done or am not willing to do makes me feel incredibly guilty and sad.

So, I wonder whether the part of admitting that one has fallen short of a loved one's expectations is so vital in my kinky fantasies because it is something I can't deal with in real life? Maybe incorporating this aspect into my kink has a therapeutic effect? It definitely is something that gives me a huge thrill when developing kinky stories in my head.

At the same time it is something which I am very reluctant to try for real in my kinky play, not only when it comes to real-life issues. Even in a role-play scenario where I would have to admit a fictional "wrongdoing", the idea is rather scary and I am afraid that it might suddenly feel all too real and horrible instead of thrilling. Maybe I will try it one day, playing a young midshipman. That would be very far from the real me, so I think the chance that it might suddenly feel too real is rather low.

For now I wonder if others have made similar observations. What about you? Does your kink involve any crucial elements which give you a thrill in the context of kink but are related to your deepest fears in real life? If yes, why do you think are these elements incorporated in your kink? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Looking for...

These are advertisements for a health campaign here in Germany. For those of you who don't have a clue what is going on, the pictures show people looking for their vaccination record.

But honestly, is that the first thought that crosses your mind when looking at the pictures? I certainly have associations of a very different kind...

A nice collection of good-looking female and male bottoms, isn't it? Oh, and the dog is of course cute, too.

Who says that health campaigns can't be fun and nice to look at?!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Farewell to Prefect

Prefectdt aka Spanked Hortic made his last blog post last Sunday. Blogs constantly come and go in the online spanking community, so I don't usually write a farewell to one. Frankly, with many blogs, I don't even notice their demise. Prefect is an exception, however, and I am dedicating today's post to him.

Prefect's blog was one of the oldest in the online spanking community. Launched in July 2007, it was half a year older than my own, similarly white-bearded web presence. For six years and eight months, Prefect posted continuously, which as I can tell you from personal experience is no easy feat. Content-wise, I loved how Prefect always exuded a sense of fun and enthusiasm about spanking. Some spankos can appear a tad pompous when writing about their very own personal kink and tastes. By contast, I found Prefect's easygoing attitude and self-deprecating humour refreshing. I always found something on his blog that made me smile, whether it was a funny remark on a drawing, one of his "thoughts of the week" or some other amusing little tidbit. I also enjoyed Prefect's Kinky Island Discs series a lot, to which I had the pleasure of contributing an episode.

Last but not least, Prefect was one of the most loyal long-term readers of Rohrstock-Palast. He commented on my very first post back in January 2008 and has been there for every step of the way since. When Kaelah and I invited our readers to make a vote on an upcoming video, he could usually be found on the F/M side (bastard!). Over the years, Prefect left dozens and dozens of comments here. Many more than I had the time to leave on his blog, but I was a regular reader at least.

Kaelah and I were dismayed to learn the news about Prefect's troubles with his eyesight, the main reason for him closing his blog. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hope that the condition will improve or at least not get any worse. And we send him our very best wishes for the future, both in kinky endeavours and non-kinky ones.

Farewell, dear friend!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Kaelah's Corner (Feb 2014):

(Thomas Rowlandson - Midshipman)

It's carnival! In Germany, carnival is of varying importance depending on the region you live in. In Cologne, Düsseldorf and Mainz, for instance, there is one party after the other, often employees get at least one day off and everyday life comes to a halt for several days. In other cities, like Munich, carnival plays a rather minor role. Still, I have seen people dressed up in costumes in the "village of millions" as well.

I haven't planned any carnival-related activities this year, but I have organized carnival parties with a bunch of female friends for some years. Nobody was forced to dress up, but some of the guests did. And we girls chose a motto beforehand and tailored fitting costumes (or, as in my case, paid someone to do the job). We even coreographed a dance for the party, of course also related to the motto. I have to admit that I don't always feel comfortable in all-female company, but we were a really great gang and being part of a group of similarly dressed up women was a lot of fun!

Which brings me to today's topic: Kink and dressing up. While I am not an avid roleplayer, dressing up and costumes still play an important role in my kink. First of all, I definitely have a uniform fetish! And I like spanking scenes to have at least a slight realistic touch to them which is why I prefer the actors to be dressed properly when watching spanking porn. For instance, I favour a realistic school uniform over the sexy variant with a mini-skirt.

If I could choose one costume that I would like to wear for a spanking scene, it would be an 18th century British Royal Navy uniform as shown in the picture above. It would be great to be either subjected to a caning or back whipping wearing that uniform, or to kiss the gunner's daughter. And of course I wouldn't mind to subject a willing victim to the same treatment. You can even buy realistic looking 18th century navy uniforms in some stores. Unfortunately, these uniforms are extremely expensive, so I have refrained from buying one so far. Well, maybe one day...

How about you? Does dressing up play a role in your kink? What would be your favourite costume if you could choose one? How would the scene for which you would use said costume look like? I look forward to reading about your fantasies in the comment section! For now, I wish you a happy carnival season. Alaaf and helau!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Our New Whipping Bench

In my recent post The Perfect Whipping Bench I told you about my plan to build a whipping bench one day and how this whipping bench was supposed to look like. Today I want to tell you how I unexpectedly stumbled about the bench which I always had in mind in a furniture store. And of course you get to see pictures, too.

I was away on a seminar. On my way to the conference hotel I suddenly saw a furniture store that didn't only have nice wooden furniture but also furniture made of rattan. Now, I know that some fellow spankos bought their best rattan canes at furniture stores, so I decided to walk in and ask whether they had rattan sticks for "handicrafts".

The saleswoman didn't seem to be suspicious when I asked my question and fortunately she didn't ask me what kind of handicrafts, exactly, I needed the sticks for. But, alas,they did not have any small rattan canes, just thick bamboo sticks which, as the saleswoman informed me, were often bought by martial arts practitioners.

I thanked her and strolled through the store a bit, faking interest in the furniture they sold. The chairs and tables were nice, but I didn't really need any new stuff. I finally decided that it would be cool to take one of the thick bamboo sticks with me, even though they weren't really suitable as spanking implements. But I thought that I might use them for a fun spanking or at least some funny pictures.

So I went back to the saleswoman who was sitting next to the bamboo sticks, pointed at one of the sticks and asked her how heavy it was. She looked at me, stood up, lifted a high stool which was standing in front of the bamboo sticks and said: "It's not that heavy." I was stunned for a second, until I realised that she got my pointing wrong. I told her that I meant the bamboo stick and she gave me one to show me that they were rather light despite of their thickness.

I took at least an interested look at the stool she had been lifting and told her that it was of course nice, too. It was only supposed to be a polite gesture, but when my mind realised what my eyes saw it almost struck me like thunder. There was one part of the whipping bench I had always dreamed of. A high stool made of wood to bend over. Now my interest was genuine.

But the best part was yet to come. The saleswoman explained to me that they had a smaller variant of the same stool as well. When I turned around, there stood the small, fitting kneeling bench which I always wanted as a second part for my fantasy whipping bench.

The stools were made of beautiful acacia wood and they were even reduced in price. I wasn't 100 per cent sure about the height and whether Ludwig would like them as much as I did, but I couldn't take them with me on that day, anyway, because I had a train ride ahead of me. So I pulled myself together and bought the bamboo stick first. The saleswoman and I agreed that no-one would try to harass me as long as I carried that thing with me. I told the saleswoman that I would most probably come back soon with my boyfriend to take a closer look at the stools.

In the evening, I told Ludwig about my discovery. We decided to go on a shopping tour when we met for the Christmas and New Year holidays. And so we started a special trip a short time later.

In the store, it seemed at first as if they did not have any of the high stools left. We only saw small ones which were spread all over the store. But finally we found a high one, too, the last one in the store (it turned out that there would have been a few more in the storage, but not many, and we would have had to come back another day to get one of those).

I closely inspected the stool which of course included that I had to bend over it in order to see how the back and the lower side of the seat looked like. It turned out that the height of the two parts wasn't 100 per cent perfect for Ludwig and me, but that was a minor flaw that could be handled. Ludwig liked the look of the stools, too. All stools were looking slightly different, being made of pure natural wood. We chose a small one that fit our high stool, I paid for them and left the store with a very special Christmas present.

As you can see, we have not only tried our new bench already, we also used the opportunity after having filmed our LOL-Day clip to shoot pictures with cane marks in different positions. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Kaelah's Corner (Jan 2014):
Ghost of a Chance

As I already announced in my last post of 2013, I would like to discuss different aspects of kink and relationships in a series of posts. This is the first post of the new series. I want to start right at the beginning. So, the question of today's post is: How does being kinky influence the chance and the process of finding a partner?

In Ludwig's and my case, our kink proved to be the key to finding a partner. As the long-time readers know, we met through this blog. I know several other couples who met each other through their kink as well, for instance at a spanking party. I am not sure how many kinky people specifically search for a like-minded fellow kinkster when looking for a partner, though.

When Ludwig and I met for the first time, my discovery of erotic spanking and kinky blogland had only started a few months earlier. While I had been aware of enjoying fantasies which where somehow related to BDSM long before that, it had never occurred to me that I might act out any of these fantasies for real. All the more so because most of my fantasies centered around asexual M/M scenarios and didn't seem to have anything to do with sex between lovers, not even with the classical master/dominatrix BDSM I had come across on TV. At that time, the idea that a potential partner had to be into spanking, hadn't crossed my mind.

Ludwig had been aware of the nature of his kink and of the spanking community much longer. He had even tried it out for real, at first with a professional dominatrix and later with friends in the scene. But still, being kinky wasn't something he expected from a potential girlfriend. Finding a woman who was a good match in all the usual areas seemed to him to be difficult enough already. Finding a mate with fitting interests and personal traits, with whom he would fall in love and who would fall in love with him and who, in addition to all that, was kinky as well, seemed like an utopian idea.

So, before we met each other, Ludwig and I would both have happily engaged with a vanilla partner. For me, the kinky fantasies would most probably have remained some nice stories to dwell on before falling asleep, something very different and separate from the sex between lovers. Ludwig would most probably have been quite content had he been able to watch a spanking video from time to time without his girlfriend freaking out.

But what about today? To be honest, I am not really sure. Ludwig and I now know that it is possible to find a mate who is not just a good fit in terms of personality, ideas about life, shared (vanilla) interests et cetera, but who shares one's kink as well. I have also found out that I fantasise about spanking and kink during “vanilla” sex, too. On the other hand, after having been in a love relationship for almost five years now, I have realised that even when both partners are kinky, that doesn't necessarily mean that their kinks fit perfectly or that they are always in the mood for the same kind of play and sex at the same time. Furthermore, in the long term sex becomes only one (maybe even small) part of what the relationship is all about.

So, would Ludwig and I still be willing to engage with a vanilla partner if we didn't have each other (or if one of us completely lost their kinky spirit)? Ludwig told me that he isn't sure whether he would still be willing to start a relationship with a vanilla partner, now that he has experienced a relationship with a like-minded spirit. I guess it would be different if I became vanilla (not very likely to happen) or couldn't engage in kinky play anymore for other reasons (a bit more likely, at least times of low sex drive have already occurred). But still, I assume it would be difficult for Ludwig to go back to only watching spanking videos and not doing anything for real.

As for me, I would definitely prefer a kinky partner as well. And I would probably look for a partner on kinky platforms or at kinky events if I lost Ludwig as my mate. But I think I might also be able to live with a vanilla partner, under the condition that he wouldn't have issues or condemn my kink. In my case, a potential partner would not only have to be okay with my kink, he would also have to be okay with the fact that I have made and published spanking photos and videos. I wouldn't want to engage with someone who had problems with that part of my life. However, I wouldn't want to reduce the number of potential partners to fellow spankos only. If I were in a relationship with a vanilla partner, I would maybe watch a spanking clip from time to time and I would most probably also fantasise about spanking during sex or when masturbating. With some luck, my partner wouldn't mind giving me a playful smack or being smacked by me once in a while, either.

Of course, the question how to combine kink, sex and all the other aspects of being partners in a long-term relationship is another interesting topic. It also depends on whether one has got a vanilla partner or a kinky partner. I would like to cover that topic and other questions around kink and relationships in separate posts, though.

For today, I would love to hear your thoughts on the influence that kink has on the issue of finding a mate. Do you think that being kinky makes it easier or harder to find a partner? Does a person have to share your kink to be a potential mate for you? Does he or she have to be at least accepting of your kink? And, finally, has your view concerning these questions changed over time? You are kindly invited to share your thoughts in the comment section!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sixth Blogiversary

Six of the best! My, isn't that the perfect anniversary for a spanking blog?

When I published my first post on 25th January 2008, I probably did not expect to still be doing this six years later. To be honest, I don't quite remember what I expected at the time. I don't think I thought too much about the distant future. I was just happy, excited and curious to be starting out with a blog of my own, following in the footsteps of other spanking bloggers whom I admired. Many of them have since gone into retirement. From today's point of view in 2014, "The Mad King" is beginning to look like ancient history. It's quite surreal to think that I started this long ago.

I wouldn't go as far as to say that the intervening years were six of the best in the history of kinky blogging, but they were certainly six very good years for me. When you write a blog for such a long time, it sometimes feels like a chore and a nuisance. For most of the time, however, it has been interesting and fulfilling for me.

I would like to thank all of you who follow this blog and comment, old readers and new ones. Knowing that there are people out there who are looking forward to the next post is one very important ingredient that still keeps me going after all these years. I don't know how much longer I will be writing this blog. It is safe to say, though, that Rohrstock-Palast is closer to the end of its lifetime than to the beginning. So enjoy it while it lasts!

Kaelah is with me at the moment and we are spending a nice weekend together. Maybe we will have a spanking to celebrate the blogiversary. We just haven't figured out yet who would get it. The normal custom in the kinky community is that the one celebrating an anniversary gets a spanking, but I am mostly a top and usually write about toppy stuff here, so wouldn't it be more fitting to dish one out? Ah well, we will see. Maybe we should just switch.

Happy blogiversary to me, have a nice day y'all, and thank you for reading!