Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Special Story (Part 2)

This is the second part of my tailor-made LOL Day story. You can find part one here.

Mr Johnson's words touched her heart and confirmed the decision she had already made. She didn't have any clue how a caning felt like other than that it would be incredibly painful. And she had no idea how to get through such a caning. But she knew that there was nothing she wanted more than to continue working for this company. And in a way, she also wanted to make up for her misdeeds. Thus she replied without hesitation: “I am very grateful for getting a second chance. I promise I won't ever disappoint you again! And I willfully submit to a severe caning as a punishment for my betrayal.”

A thin smile appeared on Mr Johnson's face. “I am happy to hear your decision, Ms Smithers. It makes me sad to think about what comes now, though. I suggest we get this over with as quickly as possible. What do you think?” She nodded, her throat tightening. “Yes, Sir.”

“Okay then.” Mr Johnson walked around his desk and stopped next to her. “Ms Smithers, would you please go to that cupboard over there and open it.” She did as she was told. It occurred to her that she had never seen what was in said cupboard. As she opened it, her mouth dropped open and her stomach clenched. It contained nothing but a handful of thick crook-handled rattan canes hanging down, neatly arranged next to each other. “Please take out the first cane from the right and bring it to me.”

With shaking hands she took the threatening-looking implement, closed the cupboard door and turned around. As she walked back to Mr Johnson, her gaze was fixed on the cane in her hands. It was about 2.5 feet long, roughly half an inch thick and felt rather heavy. Her hands began to sweat and one thought dominated her mind: Gosh, that is going to hurt!

She was in a daze, but somehow her body still worked well. When she handed the cane to Mr Johnson, it felt a bit like an out-of-body experience. “Thank you. Now stand in front of the desk, please, and bend over.” Again she did as ordered, though her legs were shaking. “Now please put up your skirt and pull down your knickers, Ms Smithers.” That order took her breath away for a moment. She was about to be caned on her bare backside by her boss! It hat never occurred to her that she would have to bare her behind for the punishment. Now she vaguely remembered that paragraph 11 actually said something about a bare bottom caning. Still, a part of her couldn't believe this was really happening.

“Please put up your skirt and pull down your knickers, Ms Smithers,” Mr Johnson repeated calmly. Hastily she raised the skirt of her navy suit uncovering her undergarment made of silk. She took a deep breath, tucked her fingers into the elastic of the blue knickers and peeled them down just to the top of her thighs. Cool air touched her bare backside and made her shiver. “That's alright,” she heard Mr Johnson say. “I suggest you hold on to the far end of the desk. It will help to keep you steady. You will receive 24 strokes. I expect you to stay in position for them, please, and to only stand up when I tell you so. Do you understand?”

Even in this completely surreal situation, the warmth in Mr Johnson's voice helped her to calm down. She gripped the far end of the desk as hard as she could and nodded. “Yes, Sir.” - “Very well, then.” She saw Mr Johnson move beside her and suddenly she felt the cold touch of the wooden cane on her bare skin. It made her quiver. All of a sudden she started to panic. A voice in her head screamed: Stop it! You can't take it!

Mr Johnson had obviously realised what was going on because he calmly told her: “Breathe. It will be over, soon. Just hold onto the desk and take the strokes one by one like a surfer the waves.” She tried to take deep breaths and nodded. It will soon be over, she repeated in her head, it will soon be over.

Suddenly, she heard a sharp swish followed by a loud crack that echoed in her ears. For a split-second, she felt nothing except for a pressure on her bottom. But then a burning pain ignited on her bare skin and she let out a shocked. “Ow!” She wriggled in a faint hope to ease the horrible pain and was still trying to catch her breath when she heard the next swish. The pain of the second stroke was even worse. Her whole body suddenly felt hot and her breathing became faster. She had no idea how she should take 22 more strokes of that horrible implement!

She didn't have much time to worry about that, though, because the next stroke already hit target. She buckled underneath it and it took all her will not to stand up and cover her burning bottom with her hands. Tears came to her eyes and started rolling freely when the next stroke landed.

From that point on, she only focussed on recovering from the stroke which she had just received and on the next one she had to prepare for. She didn't care that she was yelping with each stroke, that her legs and her whole body were trembling, her face was tear-stained and her hair a mess. All she thought of was getting through the next stroke. Soon, she had lost count.

The caning went on for what felt like forever. It took a while for her to realise that suddenly the room had become silent. No swishing and cracking. Was it over? She didn't know. But she lay there limb across Mr Johnson's desk and tried to calm her breathing.

“You've made it. Well done.” Mr Johnson's deep voice seemed to come from a place very far away. “Take your time to compose yourself and when you feel ready, you may stand up.” In a daze, she saw Mr Johnson walk over to the cupboard and put back the cane. Slowly, she stood up, cautiously rolled up her knickers over her hot and burning striped backside. She put down her skirt and straightened her hair. Mr Johnson, who had returned to her, handed her a handkerchief which she gratefully took. She cleaned her face and wiped away the tears.

She looked at her boss. “I'm really sorry, Mr Johnson!” - “It's okay, Ms Smithers. It's all settled and we shall not raise the issue again.” Mr Johnson smiled. “Now, it was an exhausting day, Ms Smithers. I suggest you go home to your younger sister and come back tomorrow refreshed and revitalised. Important negotiations are lying ahead of us. I will see you tomorrow at nine o'clock for our weekly meeting. And tomorrow afternoon we can talk about the conditions for the advance of salary which you need.” She nodded silently, a shy smile appearing on her face. “Thank you!”

She turned around to leave the room. Only then did she realise that her legs were still shaky. She had to walk slowly in order to keep her balance. When she left the office, her gaze fell on the clock on the wall to her right. It showed 18 minutes past three. For a moment, she pondered whether her fellow employees knew what had just happened in Mr Johnson's office.

After a few seconds, she decided that she didn't care. The only thing that was important was that she would come back to this place to work here again the next day. Her only deed left for today was to go to Andrew who sat in another open plan office down the floor. And so she slowly crossed the room, from time to time returning a friendly look or a smile from a colleague, mentally reminding herself to buy some cooling creme in a pharmacy on her way back home where she would be able to break the happy news to her little sister that she could go to college.

With that I fall silent and wait. For a while all I can hear is my own breathing.

Monday, December 5, 2016

A Special Story (Part 1)

This is the first part of my tailor-made LOL Day story for your enjoyment. Your word suggestions are highlighted in bold. The story became really long (5,000 words), so I am going to publish it in four parts. Since it contains a story within a story, you don't have to wait until part four for the juicy bits, though. :-) Here it goes, I hope you enjoy reading:

For I moment I stand there silently. I look at the white wall in front of me and focus my mind. Words start forming before my inner eye. After a few seconds I take a deep breath and reply: “Yes, I believe I remember it quite well. Here is how I think it goes:”

She walked through the open planning office, her gaze firmly straight ahead. She felt her colleagues' eyes on her, but maybe that was just an illusion. Or maybe they really all already knew what she had done. After all, words spread fast in a small company like that. However, she didn't dare look anyone in the eyes. Instead, she straightened her back and stiffly continued her way to the brown door at the end of the room.

“Mr Johnson, CEO” read a little sign on it. Over the past four years she had knocked on that door so many times, sometimes in a rush because so much work needed her attention, but usually in a  good mood. Today, though, her stomach churned as she came to a halt right in front of the door. She looked to her left at the white clock hanging there on the wall. It showed one minute to three. Mr Johnson didn't like tardiness. So it didn't make any sense to delay what would happen anyway. She took a deep breath and forced herself to knock.

“Come in, please.” Mr Johnson's deep voice had the warm undertone she had come to love in her time as his assistant. She opened the door, suddenly feeling very shy. She entered the room tentatively and quietly shut the door behind her. Mr Johnson was sitting behind his huge desk made of oak. He was in his late fifties, a tall handsome man with grey hair and glasses. Through them he now looked at her with his friendly eyes, expectantly. She struggled to meet his gaze. Seconds felt like years.

Finally, Mr Johnson spoke up: “You know why I asked you to come and see me, right Ms Smithers?” She didn't manage to answer, so she silently nodded instead. Sadness and incredulity were in Mr Johnson's voice as he continued: “I still can't believe what Mr Singer has reported to me. Please tell me what has happened – I want to hear the story from your perspective.”

For a moment, she didn't know what to say. She looked down on her shoes, trying to find the right words. There were no good words to explain what she had done, though. 'Sorry, I didn't mean it. It was all just a huge mistake.' She would have loved to say something like that, and she really did regret what she had done. But words wouldn't be able to undo her failure, and she was sure that it was much too late to be sorry.

So she finally replied: “I really don't know what to say. I am sure what Mr Singer told you is correct. I tried to steal money from the cash reserve, and Mr Singer caught me red-handed.” It seemed to her that Mr Johnson slumped in his chair as he heard those words. It felt like a stab into her heart.

He was such a lovely man, a company owner of a rare type. A man with a big heart who used to give those a chance who had already missed a few. Like her. He had been the only person to believe in her four years ago. He had given her a job at a time when nobody else would have. And then he even made her his personal assistant, a position that involved a lot of responsibility and autonomy. So far, she had never failed his expectations, never betrayed his trust in her. Until now.

Desperately, she tried to find more words. All that came out was: “I'm sorry, but I didn't have a choice!” Mr Johnson raised his head and looked her straight in the eyes. “You didn't have a choice? You didn't have a choice but to steal from me and my company?” His voice was a bit louder now than usual and his words filled the room. She blushed and looked away. “I... It's too complicated... And it doesn't make any difference now, anyway... I tried to steal from you and there's nothing I can do unmake it.”

Mr Johnson's voice was already calm again, as he said: “You need money to pay for the college for your little sister Ann. It's her chance to get the education you never had, and you want to make it possible for her. As I heard, she got a scholarship because of her high merits, but it doesn't cover the initial admission fee.”

Now, she was dumbfounded. “How do you know?” He leaned back in his chair. “I know because Mr Brown came to me and asked for on advance of salary. When I asked him what he needed it for, he told me that he wanted to help you with the payment.” She felt her eyes becoming wet. Andrew was such a lovely guy. He didn't have much and had to take care of his wife and his two little kids. And yet, he was caring enough to try and help her with her financial problems. And, in contrast to her, he was smart enough to look for a way to raise the money that didn't make him a thief!

“Why didn't you tell me? I told you that caring not only for yourself but for your little sister as well is a big burden, especially at your age! And I said to you that you could always come to me when you needed help, didn't I? Have I done anything wrong? Why didn't you trust me?” Mr Johnson's voice was full of hurt and sorrow as he asked those questions.

That was the moment she broke down and cried. Then she blurted out: “You haven't done anything wrong at all! I... I... I just didn't know what to do. Two weeks ago, Ann told me about the scholarship. It was all quite unexpected! I so wanted to help my little sister. But the fee is so large, and I haven't got enough savings, yet. I have to pay for the rent and our daily expenses. And then I thought stealing the money was the only way to be able to afford the fee. I hoped that no-one would notice and wanted to put the money back bit by bit. I know that doesn't change a thing, but please believe me that I really wanted to pay it back! I've betrayed you, and I am so incredibly sorry. You are like the father to me whom I never had. And now I've betrayed you because in my panic it didn't occur to me that I could have simply asked you for help...”

With that, she became silent, frantically looking at Mr Johnson. He put his elbows on the top of his desk and rested his chin on his hands. There was the usual warmth in his voice as he said: “I know you didn't mean to cause any harm. But still, what you did was a severe breach of trust, and I can't ignore that. In fact, your offence is so serious that a reprimand won't do.” She nodded, looking to the floor again. “I'll go and clean out my desk,” she said in a low voice.

“So, you want to leave the company?” Mr Johnson asked. “Want to?” Now she was confused. “No, I would do anything in order not to having to leave. But as you said, you can't keep me as your employee after what I have done.” - “Well, your dismissal is one option. The other is to solve this issue according to paragraph 11 of your work contract. It's up to you.”

For a moment she stared at him blankly. Then her memory set in. There was indeed a very special paragraph in her employment agreement. Paragraph eleven – known as the red butt paragraph among the employees – basically stated that under certain circumstances a misdemeanor that would inevitably lead to dismissal in any other company could instead be solved by corporal punishment, more precisely a caning. Mr Johnson's family seemed to have quite a tradition with good old fashioned CP as the family crest on the wall behind Mr Johnson's desk proved. Among other ornaments it showed a cane swaying in the wind.

So far, the whole red butt paragraph thing had only been a lunch time joke for her. There were rumors that the paragraph became indeed relevant rather regularly, but nobody had ever admitted to having been caned. Now the whole thing suddenly became painfully real. She didn't have to think long, though. “Okay, I...”

“Wait,” said Mr Johnson. He stood up from his chair and began to walk up and down behind his desk. “Before you make a decision, I want you to understand what the two options really mean. Dismissal means that you will leave the company today. You will still get your payment for this month, but that will be your last payment cheque. Paragraph 11 means that you will receive a severe – and I mean severe – caning from me, right here and now. With that, the issue will be closed. Since it is important for me that you really have a choice in the matter, I want you to know this in advance: Should you decide to leave the company, I will try to help you find another job. And in both cases I will help you out with the money for Ann's college. Take your time for your decision.”

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Kaelah's Corner (Nov 2016):
Wanna Know

It's the end of November and the LOL Day celebrations are over. We had fourteen commenters and eight first-time commenters among them! Welcome and thank you very much to all of you who kindly stopped by. I am already busy writing the promised tailor-made spanking story based on your word suggestions. It will be published in December, most probably in several parts, since it already has more than 3,000 words!

The only fly in the ointment for me about this year's LOL Day was that we didn't hear from any new readers of our blog who aren't already blog owners themselves. It seems that LOL Day nowadays is more of a blog hop event for the active members of the kinky online community instead of a Global Day of Delurk for those who have been nothing but silent blog readers so far. Don't get me wrong – it's not that I am not happy to hear from fellow bloggers. That's a nice opportunity to find new blogs I haven't been aware of and to talk to members of our community whom I have never talked to before!

I just hope that all the comments from active members of the online spanking community don't keep any newbies from commenting. That would make me sad. So, if you are a silent reader who decided not to leave a comment because you had the feeling that one already has to be someone with a lot of experience or even one's own blog – believe me, that is not the case!

When I wrote my very first comment on this blog (under the nickname K'Ehleyr), I had just found out about spanking and spanking blogs some months earlier and I had no personal experience with erotic spanking whatsoever. Ludwig was all the more flattered when he read my first comment and a short time later received an email from me, because he knew it was a sign of trust that I had chosen him and his blog to come out of the shadows and learn more about the subject.

In my email conversation with Ludwig I asked many questions about erotic spanking and his experiences with it. I had read his blog but his posts hadn't covered all the topics that interested me as a newbie. It was wonderful to have someone experienced who could answer my personal questions, tell me about his kinky journey and make a few suggestions how mine could possibly continue.

Today, Ludwig and I have already covered many, many kinky subjects on this blog. But, hey, most people don't have the time to read through all of our posts in order to find a certain topic they might be interested in.

And so, I would like to use this month's Kaelah's Corner post in a special way. No matter whether you are a newbie or an experienced spanko, no matter whether you are a diligent commenter on our blog or have never left a comment before: Is there any question about erotic spanking, us or our kinky journey which you would like to ask Ludwig and me? If so, please leave a comment and tell me about your question. You can of course also write me an email, in case you don't feel comfortable commenting on a blog.

I don't have a clue whether there will be any questions at all. Maybe we don't have any readers (anymore) who would like to ask a question, since this blog already exists for so many years and might not be that interesting to new readers for it is only updated about once every two weeks nowadays. But if there is a topic on your mind which you would like to discuss, please feel free to write a comment!

One final remark: As you know, Ludwig and I are very open about our kinky experiences and our life as a spanko couple, but we are very careful about protecting our privacy otherwise. So there might be questions which we consider too private to answer. Please don't take it personally if we should have to refuse to answer a certain question because of privacy issues.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Global Day(s) Of Delurk 2016

Welcome, dear readers, to this year's Love Our Lurkers Day(s), or the Global Day(s) of Delurk as we like to call the event on this blog. This is the day on which we would like to invite all our silent readers to say hello. Thanks to Hermione who organises and hosts the event!

You don't have to tell us any more about yourself than you feel comfortable with, you don't have to write a very long or special comment and of course you don't have to (and our recommendation is that you really shouldn't) use your real name. If you are interested in erotic spanking and like our blog, we would be very happy to hear from you! It's always great to hear that there are people out there who enjoy what we are doing here. So please feel very welcome to leave a short comment and say hi. We don't bite!

To increase the fun, there is a little additional incentive! We would like to repeat something we already did once back in 2010. I'm is going to write a tailor-made spanking story for you which will most probably turn out to be quite strange and chaotic. The reason is that every lurker who makes his (or her) first comment today (or, rather, until Sunday 20th 23:59:59 German time) can contribute five words which will then be included in the story. They can be random words of your choice, or a phrase. The only thing that matters is that the maximum number of words is five. And if you are a regular commenter already, you can still contribute two words to the story. I'm looking forward to your creative choices!

As the long-time readers among you know, Ludwig and I got to know each other on LOL-Day 2008 when I left my first-ever comment on this blog. A short time later, we started exchanging e-mails and finally decided to meet in person. I asked Ludwig to introduce me to the world of erotic spanking – which he gladly did. While our common kink was what brought us together in the first place, we soon realised that we had much more to share with each other. And so we fell in love and became a couple.

This is our first LOL-Day as a married couple. In a way, this is all Bonnie's fault – after all, she was the one who invented the LOL-Day tradition. :-) So our special thanks go to her! Unfortunately we don't have the time to update our blog more than about twice a month right now, but we still try to provide you with a mixture of thought-provoking posts, free pictures and videos and write-ups of our own kinky experiences. And we hope you still enjoy reading our blog. We also don't manage to comment much on other blogs – so I guess we will use this occasion to write a few comments and let fellow bloggers know we are still reading!

Over the years, we have had quite a few readers who took the plunge on LOL-Day and wrote their first comment on our blog. Some just said hi, some shared a bit more about themselves and their kinky interests. Some commenters were very new to our blog, some had already been reading it for years. Some had made their own experiences with erotic spanking, some had just started gathering information about it and some enjoyed reading about erotic spanking without practising it. Some readers just left that one single comment and fell silent again afterwards. Others became regular commenters. And some even started exchanging e-mails with us and we even had the chance to meet the one or other in person.

No matter what – we cherished every comment we got. Because, as you surely can imagine, it can be boring and tough to take a lot of time to write a post without getting much response. We find interaction much more interesting than just sharing our thoughts with a silent mass, not knowing whether anyone found one of our philosophical ramblings enlightening or one of our free videos sexy or a post about one of our private exploits entertaining. And so we would also love to use this occasion to thank all readers who ever left a comment on our blog!

But of course, not everyone feels comfortable leaving a comment on a blog, no matter how short or anonymous. And we know that there are people who have diligently read our blog for many years without ever commenting. So, while we only know from the stats that you are out there and unfortunately don't know what makes and keeps you reading our blog, we still want to thank you for having accompanied us in the past weeks, months or even years! A Happy LOL-Day to all of you!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Kaelah's Corner (Oct 2016):

Happy Halloween, everybody! Ludwig and I were quite busy this evening, handing out sweets to little ghosts, monsters and skeletons. We weren't really prepared because "trick or treat" is not an old tradition here in Germany and has only become popular in the past years. We were lucky, though, as we had just enough sweets at home.

When we were finally sitting at the dinner table, we discussed what a kinky adult version of Halloween might look like. We didn't find an ultimate answer to that question, but here are some of the things we discussed:

First of all, would it be "spank or treat" or "trick or spank"? I guess that might depend on whether you are a top or a bottom. Tops could threaten to spank people if they didn't give them a treat (and I am sure many bottoms incidentally wouldn't have any sweets at home that day). Trick or spank, on the other hand, could be the motto of choice for some bottoms, if they went from door to door at a kinky Halloween. And I am sure they would find a number of tops willing to serve their needs.

Then, what would a proper kinky Halloween costume look like? A zombie schoolgirl or professor? Maybe a revenge demon? A ghost buster on a mission to spank all the ghosts who cross his (or her) path? I guess there are plenty of possibilities. Ludwig mentioned that spanking inspired horror movies would be a little bit different as well and offer more choices for Halloween characters. There would be no serial killer, but a serial spanker...

I suppose one of my favourite costume choices would be the ghost of an 18th century seaman. Maybe he was a seaman recruit, responsible for the sinking of his ship and now bound to walk the Earth and atone for his sins. Or maybe he was a captain already, known for his strict regime, who became the victim of a mutiny. Or maybe a woman who had served on a ship disguised as a man to flee her old life until her real identity had been found out. After having been whipped for her masquerade in front of the whole crew, she jumped in the sea and drowned. And now she haunts the Earth to take revenge for her fate.

Of course, there would be roleplay scenarios aplenty as well, depending on the costumes and background stories. There could even be follow-up events like a Halloween themed spanking court where delinquents could be convicted for having scared elderly people with their costumes, for having eaten too much chocolate or for having rung at the same door several times in different costumes in order to get more of the delicious sweets the inhabitants were giving away.

Ludwig and I have never been to a Halloween themed spanking event, but we mused that there must be such a thing. So, my questions are: How would your kinky Halloween look like? Have you ever done a Halloween inspired spanking or been to a Halloween themed spanking event? How was it? Please feel welcome to share your thoughts in the comments section!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

In Court (Part 4):
Judge Kaelah

 (A snapshot from the smartphone videos of the event - link below.)

This is my final post about the spanking court event that Ludwig and I visited last autumn. The first three parts are here, here and here.

I had to preside over the last two cases as a judge. My first announcement was that I was the judge now who had to be respected, I wouldn't tolerate any disturbance (Sissi and Jura tried to irritate the judges as spectators and had already been punished several times) and that I was the only one who was allowed to use that little hammer. This joke referred to something from a mail conversation between Kristall and me, in which I had told him that the most important reason why I wanted to become a judge was because I had always wanted to be allowed to use that little hammer which judges have. Kristall replied that his main reason was that the robes looked sexy. He also called me out on a grammar mistake that I had intentionally made in my email. That was when I knew that I had found a like-minded soul – a sadist, nitpicker and grammar-fetishist like me!

My first case was a traffic offence. Of course I was able to prove that the defendant deserved a severe punishment – after all I had found out that he had been accused of several violations of traffic rules before and had always gotten away with light sentences. Not so this time!

This was the most interesting punishment scene for me as a spectator – the delinquent had asked to be punished by a man and so I could sit down and watch as Donpascual was doing the honours. I guess I would have enjoyed the scene even more had both participants been into M/M spankings (while Donpascual doesn't mind spanking a man, he isn't really into it), but it was the first M/M scene I had ever seen live and I savoured it.

The second case was the funniest of the day from my point of view. The complaint sounded pretty harmless – the culprit was supposed to have destroyed a window with a ball. The trial became strange when the accused argued that he couldn't be convicted because the whole story was just made up by him, he couldn't remember having kicked in a window with a ball and the whole court and hearing was fake anyway.

Since I had evidence in form of pictures from a surveillance camera, though (it's good to watch crime series like NCIS), I decided that there were only two possible conclusions. First of all, the strange things said by the defendant (like the court not being real) showed that he was seriously disturbed. It was clear to me, though, that he wasn't criminally incapable. No, I didn't need any psychiatrist to be sure of that! Secondly, the fact that he insisted on not having destroyed the window despite of the evidence could only mean two things: Either he lied or he had taken some really hard and illegal stuff and truly couldn't remember the incident. No matter what – both possible explanations warranted a severe punishment. And that's what I sentenced the delinquent to.

Erika and I dished out that last punishment as well. Behind the scenes, I had been aware that the delinquent was as new to the spanking court as I was, so I had talked to him about which level of severity was okay for him before I heard his case. I tried not to overdo it and to communicate with our convict throughout the scene, but it turned out that he could take a rather severe spanking, too.

And then it was time for two special scenes at the end of the day which took place in a separate room in case some visitors didn't want to watch especially the second, more severe scene. First Sissi and Jura were tied together and in turn punished by Erika, Ludwig and me with different implements. You can download a short video from that scene through the link at the end of this post.

(A snapshot of Sissi being whipped tied to Jura.)

Sissi and Jura had an agreed total number of strokes coming to them and each of them could say how many strokes the other was supposed to take in the next round. That way they were able to split up the strokes between them as they liked. One time I got so much into the flow when dishing out a spanking to Jura that I forgot to stop at the agreed number. Oops! He didn't really mind, though, and I played little Miss Tough, telling him that it was his problem if he didn't tell me that the agreed number of strokes had been exceeded.

The last scene was Jura's birching on the legs, administered by Erika. I hadn't been comfortable dishing out a birching on the legs. Earlier I hadn't even been sure whether I wanted to watch such a severe scene. But then it felt okay. Jura is a really tough guy and didn't make much noise. And while the scene was severe, the undertone was playful as the rest of the spanking court event had been as well. Thus watching the scene wasn't as overwhelming as I had feared.

And then the court was over. Before we left, we all had supper together and talked to each other about the event, our kink and more. It had turned out that several of the participants were readers of our blog which felt great and a bit strange at the same time. The dinner was very relaxed and again we looked like the members of some kind of nice little serious maybe even square club. But of course we weren't.

After a day full of kinky fun (I had never played as much and with as many different people as I did on that day) we finally bade our farewells. It had been wonderful to meet Donpascual and several of our readers in person and to meet new fellow kinksters and like-minded meticulous role-players like Kristall and Sissi!

Kristall sent us two short videos which he had taken with his smartphone during the event and which he generously allowed us to share with our readers. The first video is a short excerpt (56 sec) from Sissi's caning by Ludwig and the second gives you a glimpse (41 sec) of the special scene with Sissi and Jura. As is the rule at the event, there are no faces shown. But nonetheless the clips might give you a small impression of the scenes.

You can download the two videos in one zip-File (size just 6 MB) here:

(A close-up of Sissi's beautiful bottom.)

A few final thoughts that come into my mind when I look back on the event: One thing that surely was different about the event compared to the kinky events we had been to in the UK and the US was how easily different kinks were mixed up. Both Jura and Julle wore women's clothes at the event. Nobody ran away during the M/M scene (in the first place, there WAS an M/M scene!). There were the special punishments of the cavity search and the birching on the legs. Another thing I hadn't experienced before: There were more male bottoms than female ones (although it wasn't an event aiming especially at male spankees).

What I really liked was that the more severe or unusual scenes weren't forced on all spectators. So nobody had to be scared of having to watch something they felt uncomfortable with. The level of severity was rather high, anyway, but I didn't find it over the top. And of course it wouldn't have been a problem if a spankee had told us bailiffs that he or she only wanted to play at the lighter end of the spectrum!

Still, Donpascual told me that the gap between those who would like to play out and watch lighter scenes and whose who want to be punished severely is a problem which might also keep female bottoms away from the event. That's why the upcoming court
will be made of two events which take place on the same weekend (one on Saturday and one on Sunday). There will be a softer spanking court on October the 15th and a more severe whipping court on October the 16th. That way everyone can visit the event they fancy more (or of course both events).

Unfortunately, Ludwig and I didn't make it to the spanking court event which took place in spring this year. And we won't make it to the upcoming one in ten days, either. But maybe we will be able to participate again sometime next year. It would be great to meet Donpascual, Kristall, Sissi, Erika, FJ and all the others another time and to swing that little hammer (and some implements) again!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Kaelah's Corner (Sep 2016):
You, Me And Them

Several of my recent posts are about the Spanking Gerichtshof (spanking court) event which Ludwig and I visited last autumn. The third part of the series covered our duties as bailiffs and several of the scenes we were involved into during the event. The final post about the event telling you more about my job as a judge will be published in October. Today I don't want to talk about what exactly happened during the event, though, but about what's generally important in my view when a couple like Ludwig and I wants to play with fellow kinksters at a spanking party.

As our long-time readers will remember, it was Ludwig who had already played with others when we became a couple more than seven years ago. I was both a spanking and a love relationship newbie and the thought that Ludwig wanted to act out his spanking fantasies with someone else than me scared me. It gave me the feeling that I wasn't (good) enough for him.

Fortunately the only kinky endeavour that was really important to Ludwig at that time (beside our own play, of course) was participating in spanking videos, not private play with others. So we decided that we wouldn't do any scenes with fellow kinksters at parties or private events, but I accepted Ludwig's film-making. I even joined him in order not to feel left out and started to enjoy making videos.

As time went by, I became more self-confident and more open to the idea of playing with others. For instance, we had a few little scenes at the Shadow Lane Party 2011. Still, private play with others was rare and we didn't do any bigger or more elaborate role-play scenes with others.

Then in 2013 we went to our first German spanking party with our reader and friend Fenris. He was new to spanking at the time and it was clear that he would enjoy being introduced to a more intense spanking session and the cane by Ludwig and me. Fenris of course didn't push us, since he knew that we rarely played with others. This time, though, Ludwig and I decided that we wanted to play with Fenris at the party. We already knew Fenris for quite a while and felt honoured that he trusted us enough to ask us for his first real spanking experience. The session was playful, light-hearted and fun – you can read all about it here if you like.

But there were feelings of insecurity between Ludwig and me afterwards. The reason was that, unfortunately, right at that time in the summer of 2013 we were facing several challenges outside and also within our relationship, and my commitment phobia suddenly came up. So all of a sudden the idea of playing with others started to feel threatening again, this time not only for me but for Ludwig as well. Thus we decided not to play with others anymore until our relationship was stable again.

That time had come last autumn. And so we decided to participate in the spanking court event as bailiffs and with me as a judge, too, which meant more and also more elaborate play with fellow kinksters than ever before at a party. Of course Ludwig and I were a bit nervous. Not only because we weren't sure about our role-playing skills but also because it was the first time in two years that we played with other people and we hoped that it wouldn't feel like a threat to our relationship.

We talked about the upcoming scenes before we went to the party. Most of them didn't seem to be problematic – whipping or caning someone who is tied to a whipping bench in front of an audience isn't a very intimate form of play. The cavity search that was supposed to take place as well was too intimate for my taste, anyway, so I wanted another bailiff to take care of it. Ludwig didn't have to ask himself the question whether he would have been fine with me actively participating in such a scene. The only question mark was about an OTK spanking which I was possibly supposed to dish out. Ludwig wasn't generally opposed to me doing that scene and I told him that I would decide after I had met my potential "victim" in person - and of course we could talk about Ludwig's feelings as well then before I would do the scene.

As I already wrote in the third part of my series about the event, I decided that I felt comfortable with doing the OTK scene and I also spontaneously got to watch the cavity search and even participate a bit by telling the culprit to strip naked. Ludwig and I were so busy with our multiple tasks at the event and the second scene developed so unexpectedly and quickly that I didn't get to ask Ludwig about his thoughts before acting, though. I simply trusted my gut feeling about what was okay for me and what would or wouldn't be okay for Ludwig. Ludwig did the same during his scenes.

Our gut feeling was correct and the event didn't cause any irritation or insecurities on Ludwig's or my behalf. We later also had a little private scene with Fenris and that was fun, too.

The experiences Ludwig and I have made with spanking play with others during our relationship make me believe that an already well-developed and stable relationship is very important for couples who want to play with others, though. Because during a spanking scene (especially a role-playing scene) unexpected things can come up. Of course calling for a halt and first discussing the situation with one's partner is possible then, but breaking up a scene is not what one wants to do unless it is absolutely necessary.

So I think it is important to talk about several general parameters beforehand. For instance, what does spanking another person mean to each partner, which fears and insecurities do exist and what are at least the very basic goes and no-goes when it comes to spanking play with others. In addition to that I think that it is a very bad idea to play with others at times when a love relationship is facing challenges. Because it bears a risk of using the play with others to run away from the relationship problems instead of solving them. And playing with others can suddenly feel threatening for one or both partners because those scenes will usually be easier and more relaxed than scenes which only involve the two partners since they are free from the acute relationship problems.

I am very happy that Ludwig and I have always talked so very openly about our feelings and made the decision to only participate in private play with others when it feels right for both of us. And I am glad that we never used the option to play with others in order to run away from the challenges we had to face in our relationship. Right now, spanking doesn't play a huge role in our life, but it is great to know that acting out more elaborate scenes with a bigger group of people can be a very light-hearted fun that is no threat at all to our deep, stable relationship anymore.

What about you? Have you made any experiences with playing with other people, for instance at a spanking party or event, while being in a love relationship? Are there any things you think a couple should take care about if they want to play with others (for the very first time)? I look forward to reading about your experiences and thoughts in the comment section!