Wednesday, May 28, 2014

All Videos Ready For Download Again went "Poof!" some time ago, ceasing all services after signing a multi-million dollar settlement with the Motion Picture Association of America. It's an occupational hazard of one-click filehosters: most of them quietly support illegal filesharing by their users as their main business model, some of them support it a little more openly than others, and every once in a while, one of the latter gets busted by the copyright holders. In the process, all the files by people like Kaelah and me, who use the filehoster to legally share material they own, go down as well.

Anyway, I have uploaded our videos to a new filehoster and all of them are available again. Let's hope that this one lasts a while. A case could be made that a reputable one-click filehoster is an oxymoron, but I found one that doesn't bombard you with too much spam and won't try to install any "download accelerators" with probable spyware on your PC. Choose the "Slow Download" option, wait for the count to finish, solve the captcha and download the file. It's pretty self-explanatory, there should not be any problems, but do let me know if you encounter any.

For convenience, here are all the links to our current video posts, in chronological order:

The German Lesson (Niki Flynn and Ludwig, 2008)

Ludwig's Comeuppance (Niki Flynn and Ludwig, 2008)

Spanko-Style Advertising Clip Package (Niki Flynn and Ludwig, 2008)

Who has the best football team? (Niki Flynn and Ludwig, 2008)

Shock Tactics Revisited! (Niki Flynn and Ludwig, 2008)

Ludwig's Comeuppance Bonus Videos (Niki Flynn and Ludwig, 2009)

Farewell to the Final Girl Clip Package (Niki Flynn and Ludwig, 2009)

Kaelah's Introduction (Kaelah and Ludwig, 2010)

A Diplomatic Mission (Kaelah and Ludwig, 2011)

48 (A Love Our Lurkers Day Clip) (Kaelah and Ludwig, 2011)

The Football Bet (Kaelah, Leia-Ann Woods and Ludwig, 2012)

A Blogiversary Spanking (Kaelah and Ludwig, 2012)

The Switch (Love Our Lurkers Day 2012 Clip) (Kaelah and Ludwig, 2013)

While I am on the subject of videos, and before anyone asks: I haven't had the time to edit our latest LOL Day clip yet, but aim to do it as soon as possible. I regret that it is taking so long, but other things had to have priority recently. Hopefully, though, it won't take much longer.

In the meantime, have fun with the older videos which are now available again, and let me know if you have any difficulties with the new filehoster.

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