Saturday, March 31, 2018

Kaelah's Corner (Mar 2018):
Boobies? (Part 2)

This is the second part of my post about boobies and the question whether to show them in pictures or not. In part 1 I explained why I had decided not to expose my breasts in the photos posted on this blog when I started blogging and sharing pictures. As an anonymous commenter observed correctly, it all comes down to keeping at least a certain amount of control while already sharing a lot about myself and therefore making myself vulnerable.

Today's post is about what has changed in the meantime and why I am comfortable with showing my breasts today. And I will also answer the question of how much my personal boundaries have really stretched and where my limits are now.

So, let's start with looking at the changes that have taken place during my now almost nine years as a blogger. I'll take the same categories that I already used in my last post when I explained the reasons why I didn't want to show any frontal nudity at first:

My own ki
nky preferences
Those haven't changed much over time when it comes to frontal nudity. I still am not too fond of frontal nudity as a viewer of spanking porn. But there are mainly two scenarios in which I find frontal nudity or full nudity interesting. The first one is an erotic spanking scene. I've seen a few of those over the years which I've really liked. In such a scene full nudity is okay or even attractive for me because it fits the context and the dynamics between spanker and spankee. There is even one concrete scenario in this category which Ludwig and I want to publish on video. In his comment on my fun post about kinks that don't fit Canelover said that in his opinion severe spankings and sensual scenes don't go together very well. While I generally agree, there is one scenario that has a high attraction for me which combines exactly these two things: a severe caning embedded in an erotic sensual scene. After having done my first severe caning as an experiment without any additional storyline and my second hard caning within a consensual, empowering but formal, scenario, this is the scene which is still missing in Ludwig's and my view. And for this scene being nude seems to be the most fitting choice. The second scenario is the one depicted in the photo accompanying this post. As some of you might remember this picture belongs to a set of nude pictures in the snow that I published way back in 2010. I love taking erotic photos outdoors, but so far Ludwig and I always made sure that only pictures not showing any frontal nudity were published. While I still have my limits concerning that aspect, I don't mind posting pictures depicting a part of my breasts anymore. That allows for different beautiful positions and perspectives. When it comes to nudity in nature, I think getting a glimpse of a breast can complete a picture and make it more sexy and natural while still being subtle. And so with this post you get to see a photo that was initially meant for our private collection only.

Fear of objectification
Over time I have learned that the readers of our blog, those who really care about the person behind the picture, won't objectify me or think I am available for at least mental (ab)use. Showing frontal nudity won't change anything about that. And those who are just looking for pictures for a quick gratification aren't a threat to me, either. First of all, that doesn't mean they see me as an object. And secondly, even if anyone had fantasies about how to use "that girl in the picture" in a way I wouldn't be comfortable with, this has nothing to do with me as a person. It is just the image that is used, not me.

Keeping control of how the pictures are used
To keep it short: I've found out that this is impossible, no matter how hard you try. I can for instance post a kinky picture showing my bottom with marks from a consensual, empowering scene, together with a clear description what that scene was all about. And I can still find that very photo in another place accompanied by a comment about how that submissive slut in the picture has just been punished by her husband for being negligent in her household chores and how she is now ready to suck his cock and be buttfucked. Not showing any frontal nudity doesn't mean that people can't put a picture in a very explicit sexual context or in a context that makes me feel uneasy. However, interpretations of strangers again have nothing to do with me as a person. Still I have to admit that seeing one's picture being set in a completely different context can be unsettling, even more so when it depicts oneself in a vulnerable, intimate way.

Not wanting to be reduced to my private bits
Again, after so many years of blogging, I don't fear that this could happen just because I post a picture showing my breasts from time to time. Writing about my kink and my thoughts will always be the central focus of this blog and my pictures won't be just about private parts, either. So I don't think there is any risk of being reduced to private bits, at least not by our readers. And if someone comes across one of my pictures elsewhere and is only interested in the intimate parts, then again this isn't about me as a person, so it doesn't really matter, either.

So much about how my views and fears concerning frontal nudity have changed. But how much have my boundaries stretched?

When I searched for a picture to accompany this post, I realised that I obviously still have my limits when it comes to frontal nudity. While I am comfortable with showing more of my breasts, I still don't want them to be the main focus of the picture. I like to publish kinky photos and photos combining nudity with nature, but I still want them to be subtly erotic only and not to focus on private parts. Maybe it is still about the fears mentioned above, maybe it is still about keeping a bit of myself private, most possibly a combination of both. Now matter why, the limit is still there.

Plus, I've found out that I am still not very keen on prominently showing my nether regions. I think I would be okay with them being slightly visible in a picture taken from the side or something like that, but I came across several pictures that showed me directly from the front which I didn't feel comfortable publishing, even though Ludwig considered them more beautiful. I'm not sure whether this boundary might be stretched a bit, too, some day in the future. But until that happens, I will stick to what Bob S's advice in the comment section of the first part of my post and only show as much of myself as I am comfortable with. And I sincerely hope you'll enjoy what you see!


Anonymous said...

Kaelah thank you for posting this brave picture. You are absolutely right it completes the picture and seems more natural than your other photos. You seem more at ease and comfortable and making less of an effort to conceal something which is a part of you.

In my opinion this is one of the most sensual photos of yourself you have posted so far.

Did you feel like you were giving up control or more like you were gaining it? In the photo it seems like you are completely at ease and have full control. Maybe ironically when we think we lose control is when we most gain it?

Its great to understand more about the person behind the photos.

Gustofur said...

At the risk of sounding more intellectual than I am, I’ll begin my comment by saying that an individual is made up of body and spirit. All your blog posts have shown us readers a bit of both in increasing dosages. You have let us into your kinky spirit from the beginning with deeper insight as time went on. So too with your body image. I am slowly getting to know the complete Kaelah and I like the complex individual that you are showing. Your pictures compliment your written narrative and I hope you continue to let me/us know you better.

canelover said...

Dear Kaelah,
Thank you for the post and the great picture.

Congratulations with increasing your boundaries and I hope that can go further on and keep showing more of your body. I release, that this must been a very big step for you. I can only wish that I could be so brave as you are. Unfortunately I am a very shy person.

BTW. I think that the slave should always be naked during a session.